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DSM - Digital Sky Marshall The system is designed for aviation security services, and performs the following functions: Q Verification of boarding pass validity. Q Verification of travel documents. Q Filtering passengers in the INT/DOM zones. Q Check of the remained time to departure (delaying to flight). Q Check of a passenger's checked-in status. Q Search for wanted ones, etc. Q Baggage clearance (the module associated with the customs). Significant increase in the speed of document verification and, accordingly, in the capacity of inspection points. If all the fields in the check list are green, the inspector can only verify the photo in the passport. The system is an information kiosk installed in a departure gate zone area. It is intended for individual information of passengers upon scanning a boarding pass about: Q Departure gate.    — Q Direction to the departure gate. Q Time to get to the departure gate. Q The time remaining before departure. Q Information about departure gate change. Q Information about flight delay or cancellation. Q Information about the destination, including weather forecast, exchange rate, etc. Scan your boarding pass here The system is designed to automatically search for passengers on request from various services. The module has 3 search options - automatic (via web services), manual (through the application in the PC) and web interface (for searching through the site). We offer 4 basic databases:^    - ^^WANTED - database of persons wanted by law enforcement agencies. Q INADMISSIBLE - database of persons with restrictions on exit, for example, persons who are under a written undertaking not to leave the country. Q FORBIDDEN - database of persons who are restricted to enter to your country. Our system will enable similar filtering of unwanted guests before departure to destination. Q TAX DEBITORS - database of persons who are in arrears in taxes or loans to public or private entities. Limmattalstrasse 184 Ch-8049 Zurich, Switzerland Phone: (+4144) 341-94-00 E-mail: info@zamar.aero URL: www.zamar.aero

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CUSS - Common Use Self Services. Types of common use self services kiosks: Q AiO - detached set of kiosks with its own luggage infrastructure; Q DUAL - an absolutely new solution for stationary check-in counter; only by turning the monitor the stationary check-in counter becomes self-service; Q SCUSS - kiosk, which is integrated into existing check-in counter (this type of CUSS is installed in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport). Advantages of our SCUSS system: Q Can be integrated into any existing CUTE as a standard DCS, and at the same time handle any other DCS, even outside the CUTE; Q Can work outside...

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