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DrillX - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

VjrMu6Hydraulic Feed • No Breakthrough Surge At last, a revolutionary self-colleting drill motor has advanced the state of the art in portable drilling technology. With groundbreaking innovations, such as hydraulic feed and clamp-up. higher efficiency and greater hole accuracy, DrillX wi I make any manufacturing environment more efficient. The entire design is geared toward greater accuracy, speed, and control. For example, DrillX is able to hold to ±0.0002", while maintaining countersink depth repeatability to ±0.001 360° Rotating Clamp Foot • No need for Right and Left Hand Drills \JrMueModular Design • Easy Maintenance \)ri°yer Higher Efficiency • Less Air Consumption 7/r/ West Coast Industries 14903 Whitman Avenue North 2C6-365-7513 (V) Seattle. Washington 98133 USA 206-365-7483 <F) wvAv.coldwork.com nfoScoldwork.com

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DrillX pulls pilot and collet No threes to i?r¥3lc Legacy systems onlypull pilot DriuX Specifications West Coast Industr os has been a leading supplier ot structural life irr(jrovernenl solutions to Ihe aerospace Industry -or over 35 years We nsvc the widest range of coldwoik tcolrg avaiiaole. Fr&n legaey spill s save lo the newer sleeveless. split mandrel processes. Addi lien til v, we diet the BushMax hashing :nstalla-lion arocess, using proven coldwork leuhnduyy Structural Life improvement ...from design to repair In-Line Forces for Greater Accuracy CmuX In-Li tie Forces Legacy Systems Offset...

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