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The WIBOjekt® workbench.

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Taking care. Increased protection for employees and the surrounding area. Perfect quality We know what is important when it comes to the subject of safety: stable and reliable protection. After all, even the smallest quantity of steam or dust emitted can endanger the health of employees. We therefore construct our WIBOjekt® workbenches in such a way that maximum safety is ensured. We only process high quality materials and carry out regular quality controls, which accompany the production process from start to finish. Individual solutions No two WIBOjekt® workstations are the same. Each of...

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The WIBOjekt® principle The specially shaped and perfectly arranged WIBO® ejector nozzles are coupled with stabilisers to ensure a safe clean air curtain, which shields the working area from the surrounding area in a targeted manner. The air which flows through the outlets captures pollutants such as airborne product particles or gases and guides these to the suctioning device. By doing this, the WIBOjekt® air flow control principle guarantees optimal protection of persons and areas. Stable protection The WIBO® ejector nozzles are perfectly attuned to one another in terms of their...

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WIBOjekt® workbench – Basic version. Ideal protection of persons and areas thanks to targeted capturing of pollutants. In the basic version, the WIBOjekt® workbench, type TCRJO, offers you flexible fields of application. The flow-guided air flow control principle reliably prevents product turbulence. The special shape and arrangement of the WIBO® ejector nozzles give the clean air curtain stable air flow control and robust retention power. All WIBOjekt® workbenches can be individually designed in terms of dimensions and equipment. Standard equipment The ejector ventilator is located in the...

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WIBOjekt® workbench GMP. Ideal protection of persons and areas for carrying out work under clean room conditions. The WIBOjekt® workbench, type TGRJO, is designed in compliance with GMP and is suitable for installation in clean rooms. All system parts are designed in such a way that there is very little dead space and they are easy to clean. The system can be used in a versatile manner, such as for weighing, emptying and filling powders and liquids or dust-like products in the laboratory. Further application options are possible. Standard equipment The ejector ventilator is located in the...

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WIBOjekt® chemical emptying station. Safe handling during disposal. Stringent safety measures are required when consciously handling chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkaline solutions in laboratories and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. Emptying, filling and transporting containers with hazardous waste products to the collection stations is often risky. Suitable options for disposal are often lacking. The WIBOjekt® emptying workstation solves this problem in a simple way. It offers comprehensive protection for your employees and the environment and allows flexible handling....

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WIBOjekt® pathology workstation • Ideal for protection of persons and areas • Low-noise and cost-effective • Flexible solutions to various requirements WIBOjekt® pathology workstation This safety workstation makes it possible to carry out cost-effective work in the pathology sector. Its clean air curtain reliably captures pollutants such as formaldehyde or Xylol and guides these into the discharge air. The subtle, yet targeted and draught-free air flow is designed in such a way that drying out of the tissue samples is prevented. Whether as a cutting workbench with working area and waste...

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Our technical data at a glance. Type 1) Working area height of seated workstation: 750 mm 2) Total height of seated workstation: 1,950 mm 3) Value of power consumption with configuration with no discharge air ventilator (deviations from standard dimensions possible following consultation) Configuration: in stainless steel material 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4404 or plastic. Smooth working areas throughout: in stainless steel material, surface brushed smooth. Special working areas possible in technical ceramics, plastic, glass, etc. Optional: built-in components such as sinks, funnels, waste...

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weisstechnik® Our solutions are deployed around the world in research, development, production and quality assurance of numerous products. Our experts from 21 companies are at your service in 14 countries, ready to provide support services to ensure high operational reliability of your systems. Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the most innovative and significant manufacturers of environmental simulation systems. With these testing systems, we can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond, under accelerated conditions. Whether temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined...

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