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WIBObarrier® Containment Systems - 11 Pages

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WIBObarrier® Containment Systems
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Catalog excerpts

WIBObarrier® Containment Systems.

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Custom-fit and according to requirements. Increased protection for employees, products and the surrounding area. Individual solutions At Weiss Pharmatechnik, no two WIBObarrier® systems are the same. Each of our standard devices is individually adapted to the customer’s wishes and requirements. In this way, you only receive equipment from us that is exactly attuned to the unique needs of your company. Our experts pay attention to the safety and economic efficiency of your system here. They establish what is important to you. All of our individually adapted items of equipment do, of course, fulfil...

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Optimal protection of products and persons thanks to • 3-zone principle • Ejector nozzles that are attuned to one another • Stable clean air curtain • Dissipation of airborne particles • Protection against turbulence The WIBObarrier® principle. The patented WIBObarrier® air flow control system operates in accordance with the three-zone principle: • Zone 1: product area • Zone 2: personnel area • Zone 3: clean air curtain A vertical clean air curtain separates the product area from the personnel area. Whilst the product area is streamed with HEPA-filtered clean air, the barrier curtain also offers...

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Safety is a given. Reliable protection in the workstation. • rotection of products P HEPA-filtered clean air protects the product against contaminants and cross-contamination. 1–10 • rotection of persons and areas P Harmful vapours, aerosols and dusts are safely dissipated. 100–1000 OEB (Operator Exposure Band) Protection against hazardous substances A WIBObarrier® for every level Workstation threshold values are an important instrument The WIBObarrier® systems generally reach a containment for protecting employees against danger to their health level of up to OEB 5. There are configurations for...

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WIBObarrier® Open Containment System (OCS). Ideal for protection of persons, areas and products. Standard equipment The open WIBObarrier® system is an ergonomic workstation, which reliably protects persons, products and areas. The air is filtered into the hood according to the clean room air quality using the H14 filter for volatile particles and guided into the working area as a unidirectional flow with a graduated flow speed of 0.17 m/s to 0.45 m/s. The additional vertical air curtain in the front range reliably separates the product and personnel area. The WIBObarrier® clean air curtain attracts...

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WIBObarrier® Closed Containment System (CCS). Safety when handling highly potent substances. Standard equipment The WIBObarrier® CCS is the right equipment for you if your production involves working with highly potent substances or API substances, where strict limitations apply in terms of handling. As with insulating technology, a closed front panel guarantees complete separation between the product range and the outside environment. Work on the product takes place using glove ports. Integrated ante-chambers are present for transferring products and materials. The WIBObarrier® CCS also offers...

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WIBObarrier® LAB Containment. The cost-effective solution for laboratory use. In collaboration with the system manufacturer and Excellence United Partner Glatt, Weiss Pharmatechnik has developed an innovative item of equipment which combines the benefits of the WIBObarrier® system with the reliable Lab Containment Technology produced by Glatt. This new development for the laboratory sector offers you the best possible cost efficiency while at the same time optimising the flow of your processes with different OEB levels. Standard equipment The intelligent WIBObarrier® Lab Containment technology...

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The choice is yours. Further products in the barrier range. WIBObarrier® Duo The WIBObarrier® Duo is an ergonomic clean which, despite its open design, offers protection ther side, which offers a high level of protection of persons, areas and products. HEPA filters are of products, persons and areas. This equipment located in the hood, via which the clean air flows not only offers considerable savings in terms of into the working area with low turbulence space, but it can also often replace clean rooms laminar flow. The nozzles integrated in the entirely. The double barrier makes it possible for front...

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We make it possible. Special solutions for individual customer requirements. Emptying station for High Containment conditions At Weiss Pharmatechnik, there is no standard WIBObarrier®. We The WIBObarrier® emptying station was designed by Weiss always focus on our customers’ requirements and find the best Pharmatechnik especially for the semi-automatic emptying possible solution for their task. We have provided three exam- and filling of pharmaceutical materials up to OEB 5. ples of special solutions for you. Pulverulent substances are transferred into containers Barrier with material ante-chamber...

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Our technical data at a glance. WIBObarrier® safety workstation in circulating air operation WIBObarrier® safety workstation in supply air and discharge air operation Type Subject to technical modifications. Accessories and options for WIBObarrier® OCS and CCS: • Front panels with glove ports • Adjustable area for lifting equipment • Continuous liners • Material ante-chambers • Filter monitoring • Differential pressure sensors • Particle monitoring • Power outlets • Valves and utilities • Sinks for detergent or solvents • Weighing stones • Floor units Subject to technical modifications.

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weisstechnik ® Our solutions are deployed around the world in research, development, production and quality assurance of numerous products. Our experts from 21 companies are at your service in 14 countries, ready to provide support to ensure high operational reliability of your systems. Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the most innovative and significant manufacturers of environmental simulation systems. With these testing systems, we can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond, under accelerated conditions. Whether temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined shock testing:...

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