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Successful Take-Off. Safe Touch-Down. - 21 Pages

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Successful Take-Off. Safe Touch-Down.
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Catalog excerpts

From the ground to the clouds and into space Get airbourne with weisstechnik. Whether satellites, aeroplanes or helicopters: modern aircraft Weiss Technik is one of the most innovative and important developers and are exposed to extreme stress during use. When it comes producers of systems for environmental simulation, heating, and climate to the development, quality assurance and production of control technology. We have developed solutions specially designed for proven and new technologies, with us, you’re playing it safe. aerospace technology that meet the most stringent requirements. They...

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Ready for Take-Off. weisstechnik – and your product is all set. We love extremes, reproducible results, energy-efficient processes and excellent service, which is why we offer you exactly that. Climate Control Technology/Specials Industrial Heating Technology for the operation of systems – mobile and for example, for the production of light- stationary. From satellite ground stations weight components from composite materials, with hot air, microwaves or infra-red. German Army deployments. Climate Control Technology Environmental Simulation for your production stations – from clean-room for quality...

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Your processes like it hot. Customised, innovative heating technology for your production. The field of heating technology, a key competence of our subsidiary Vötsch Industrietechnik, offers a wide range of production systems, including systems for composite materials and the heat treatment of metal components. In projects with blue chip customers such as Airbus Helicopters, DLR and GKN Aerospace, our experience in building special systems was the decisive factor. Our focus: • Short process times through high heating and cooling rates • Ensuring high-quality products through homogeneous temperature...

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Your perfect microwave. With its wide spectrum of options and modification possibilities, even our basic series can meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry – with individual adjustment to your processes. Fast and energy-efficient production processes with vötschtechnik Hephaistos. • During the targeted volumetric heating of the products, the microwaves directly enter the material, so that energy is delivered directly and the chamber does not require heating. This increases heating rate and throughput, saving energy and time in addition. Micro this big. The use of microwaves allows...

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Your professional heaters.Suitable solutions for curing, heat treatment and tempering of your products. Tempering and Curing Oven We use convection chambers for reliable curing and heat treatment of composite sand large-format carbon fibre-composite materials or PEEK. During this process, air recirculation ensures an optimal temperature distribution and guarantees high quality and safety. Tempering and Curing Oven VTU 500/450/850-230 °C* • Nominal temperature: +230 °C • Heat output: 390 kW High-Temperature Oven Our VAW ovens for tempering, relaxing and annealing metal parts are also used by service...

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CFRP composite components from vötschtechnik tempering ovens. With this material, you‘re sure to lift up. Safe, stable, light, and robust – materials used in the aerospace industry are subject to extremely stringent r ­ equirements. Rightly so, as this is done to ensure the safety of people. Tempering ovens by vötschtechnik help to make components from composite materials more reliable and safer – as for the Airbus A350 XWB. material of this machine. In this manner, the airlines set to characteristics.” The vacuum further ensures that the use the wide-body aircraft in the future will save fuel...

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Simulate the future ­Now. Know today what would happen if your product took off tomorrow. Whether satellites, airplanes or helicopters: these systems are exposed to extreme conditions when in use. But even in cases of strong vibrations, extreme temperature fluctuations or vacuum conditions in outer space, all c ­ omponents must work reliably and safely. weisstechnik test chambers make it possible to simulate extreme flight programmes for testing highly stressed components, reproducible in carefully-controlled environments, and conforming to international norms such as DO160 or MIL-STD-810. This...

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Your test drive to space. Test in outer space conditions – with your feet on solid ground. Thermal Vacuum Chamber Testing space flight equipment before the first flight into space is a p ­ rerequisite to be able to predict the behaviour of these valuable c ­ omponents, and is done by simulating space conditions. weisstechnik Thermal Vacuum Chambers accurately reproduce outer space con­ itions d and thus allow testing in a completely controlled environment. Our high-performance pump systems can achieve a vacuum of down to 10 –7 mbar. Liquid nitrogen circulating in a Thermal Vacuum Chamber ­ reate...

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Your border crossers. Test to the limit – only if the individual parts pass can the system fly. Altitude Chamber Kerosene Climatic Test Bench During flight, airplanes are exposed to extreme pressure and climate The environmental conditions met by aircrafts during flight modify the c ­ onditions. Such parameters greatly impact the function of individual p ­ roperties of the kerosene thus inducing potential malfunctions that have c ­ omponents and must be inspected and measured for safety reasons. to be detected during test phase. Weiss Technik provides solutions to weisstechnik test chambers facilitate...

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Your stress makers. Details are essential to help ease your mind. Temperature-Shock Testing Cabinet Vibration Testing Cabinet During flight, aircraft equipment often passes through several temperature zones in a Airplane engines, rotor blades and space craft experience intense vibrations brief period of time. Rapid temperature changes can impact the function and safety of during take-off and landing. At the same time, these components experience individual components. weisstechnik Testing Cabinets allow for temperature changes rapid temperature changes in different types of climate. The weisstechnik series...

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