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Smart into the future. For sure. - 21 Pages

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Smart into the future. For sure.
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Catalogue excerpts

weisstechnik a schunk company

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Smaller, faster, higher performance – the electronics of tomorrow. Securely into in the future – with weisstechnik®. The future is digital: visions such as the Internet of Things, Weiss Technik companies are amongst the most innovative and significant cars as supercomputers, eye-tracking, wearables, and 3D developers and manufacturers of systems in the field of environmental printing are gradually becoming reality. These developments simulation, temperature processes and air conditioning. We have developed are based on electronic components such as sensors, opto- solutions specially for the electronics...

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Speeding up processes. weisstechnik® – and you can bring your product to market faster. We love extremes, reproducible results, energy-efficient processes, and excellent service. This is why we offer exactly that. Heating technology For research and production. So that quality. Integrate your test systems into your drying and heat treatment processes an intelligent factory. S!MPATI® makes take even less time. Climate control Environmental simulation For your production facilities and For development and quality assurance. So server room cooling. To maintain that the interaction of individual components your...

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Heat up your processes. Low failure rates for profitable results – with vötschtechnik®. The Heating Technology division of our subsidiary Vötsch Industrietechnik offers a wide range of production systems for the electronics industry. From chips to switches, for clean room heating, drying, or vacuum ovens – with us, the focus is on your product. Your benefits: • Short process times thanks to rapid heating and cooling • Constant product quality due to homogeneous temperature distribution in the workspace • Reproducibility through the use of components with consistently high quality • 100 % traceability...

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Your perfect heating technology. Fast and energy-efficient production processes. Clean room heating and drying ovens Manufacturing under clean conditions improves the VTF series clean room heating and drying ovens are quality standard in research, development, and production. available in six sizes, with workspace volumes between Heating and drying processes, for example in the production 60 and 3,125 litres and nominal temperatures of 250 °C, of integrated circuits under high purity conditions, are a 300 °C, and 350 °C. These are suitable for heat treatment prerequisite for low failure rates...

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Your professional hot-rods. The right solution for every application. Continuous oven systems Heating and drying ovens Each vötschtechnik® continuous oven systems is tailored to the particular application process and is therefore a unique item. It can be equally used to temper plastics or cure adhesives VTU series heating and drying ovens are available in on electrical components and is especially suitable for heat treatment in automated production seven sizes with extensive accessories, e.g., charging lines. Whether chains, hinge strips or roller conveyors, vertical or horizontal airflow – from trolleys,...

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TECHNICAL ARTICLE The environment for sensors in automatic gearboxes is harsh: large temperature fluctuations and oil which aggressively attacks surfaces. Bosch now uses ovens from Votsch Industrietechnik to cross-link the thermosetting plastic housings of speed sensors and then subject them to an extensive stress test. The ovens are integrated into fully automated production lines. The rotation sensors are integrated into the 9G-TRONIC automatic gearboxes of a leading German car manufacturer. The oven The votschtechnik® heating and activation oven consists of two chambers. In one of the chambers,...

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Simulate the future. Now. weisstechnik® – so your product passes the test of daily use in the future. Our lives are becoming increasingly dominated by electronics: be it smartphones, tablets, Game Boys, navigation systems, or intelligent household appliances, in every toy there is a chip, a battery, a switch. From sensors in cars to LED lights for minimally invasive surgery – we need to, and must be able to rely on the quality and function of all components under all conditions. Every day, everywhere, and in every weather. To ensure this and to exclude possible weaknesses and thus expensive warranty...

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Temperature shock test chambers Environmental conditions have a great effect on the functionality and reliability of electronic components, devices, and systems. These products are subjected to a large number of shock-like temperature changes, allowing latent weaknesses to be detected as quickly as possible. This provokes early failures, so that faults can be detected at an early stage of production and the life expectancy of the samples can be predicted. With the weisstechnik TS temperature shock test chamber, extremely rapid temperature changes ranging from -80 °C to +220 °C can be implemented....

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Your border crossers. Test to the limit – only if the individidual parts pass the test, the entire system will work. Assembly test chamber Dust test chamber The WT 550/60 assembly test chamber is designed to carry Dust tests are mainly performed to test the functioning out constant temperature tests, temperature fluctuation of electronic components under extreme environmental tests, and function tests on materials, individual compo- conditions. The dust is filled into the hopper below the nents, and finished products. With a test space volume of test space. The formation of dust within the test...

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Testing TECHNICAL ARTICLE Under the sea. Safe underwater pipelines for Oceaneering. A network of supply lines is spread across the Earth's oceans to supply the world with oil and gas. These lines must be extremely reliable and durable. For this reason, cables and pipes are often made of steel or copper. To ensure that the materials which are used meet the stringent requirements, they are subjected to an endurance test in test chambers from Weiss Umwelttechnik. Two of these chambers are located at Oceaneering, one Tests enable the company to predict the behaviour of of the world’s leading manufacturers...

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