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SkyEvent TA/TAH - 7 Pages

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SkyEvent TA/TAH
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Catalogue excerpts

Illustration is similar, contains options Thermal and Climatic Altitude Test Chambers SkyEvent TA/TAH

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Check whatever you like Perfection in perfomance, equipment and design. From aeroplanes to helicopters - where research, development and quality control are concerned, you won't want to take any chances. We'll support you in that.    Thermal and Climatic Altitude Test Chambers SkyEvent TA/TAH. Well thought out. We know what matters for your tests: reliable, precise and reproducible results. That's why we design our test chambers in this unique way. Because incorrect results lead to incorrect conclusions. Considering this we eliminate any disturbances while designing the systems relying on comprehensive...

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More, right from the start. Basic equipment which sets standards. • afely into the future – using the new refrigerant S The new refrigerant R449A is used in all SkyEvent Test Chambers. The GWP value of just 1397 ensures safe usage even after 2020, and the refrigerant does not have to be replaced. • o higher G Most jetliners fly at altitudes between 30 000 ft and 45 000 ft. SkyEvent allows not only to simulate this whole altitude range, but also to accurately control the temperature down to 150 mbar, corresponding to 45 000 ft. • asy to use, ready for testing E Swivel castors and height-adjustable...

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Tailor-made testing. Optional equipment for individual solutions. Interior • Go further Optimise your process by testing more products at once thanks to our additional shelves. • Be extreme An extended temperature range to +180°C makes sure your products work perfectly – even under extreme conditions. Regulation & Control • More data, better control Additional dedicated vacuum-tight portholes (ISO-K) and analogic recording channels (Pt100, thermocouples etc.) plus auxiliary contacts give you a better view and control Illustration is similar, contains options on what is happening to your product...

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Impressive technology. Reliable results. Ma x imal power Humidity stability Humidity range Pressure stability Pumping time to 10 mbar Temperature stability Temperature range E x ternal dimensions (W  x  D  x H) Test space dimensions (W  x  D  x H) The performance data at a glance. Performance data refer to +25°C ambient temperature. Change rate as per IEC 60068-3-5, measured in the supply air stream. Free field measurement as per DIN 45635, Part 1, accuracy class 2. Pressure range and pumping time in dry, clean and empty test space. 4 Humidity at atmospheric pressure only. Use of demineralized...

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Become more efficient. Fly higher and go to the limits.You'll save time and money with our solutions. We'll back you up. Get the most out of your test facility. Specific requirements? We have a solution! Contact us for further information. Create your own perfect testing process with S!MPATI® and SPIRALE VS. Process management/documentation/networking • Powerful supervisor with user-friendly interface • Touch screen panel • Local and/or remote control and monitoring • Documenting, visualising and managing process data • Altitude + humidity + temprerature Icing test procedures? Our Temperature Altitude...

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Passionately innovative. We work in partnership to support companies in research, development, production and quality assurance. With 21 companies in 15 countries at 40 locations. weisstechnik Test it. Heat it. Cool it. Environmental Simulation Climate Technology, Air Dehumidification, Clean Rooms The first choice for engineers and As the leading provider of clean rooms, researchers for innovative, safe environ- climate technology and air dehumidification, mental simulation facilities. In fast motion, we consistently ensure optimal climatic our test systems can simulate all the conditions for...

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