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Schunk Group - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Schunk Group Technology leader through competence in materials and engineering

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Welcome to the Schunk Group Our materials and engineering expertise We continuously develop and improve Entrepreneurial spirit and personal com- make us technology leaders. This, ourselves and are innovative. This is what together with our pragmatic action, paves motivates us to advise our customers, the way to identify new growth potential and goals for and with our customers, to reach them and to exceed our customers’ petitive advantages in future markets. Dear Readers, With its four divisions, the Schunk Group is a technologically We place great importance on the long-term orientation of our differentiated...

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Schunk Group Schunk markets The Schunk Group is an international technology group Automotive General industry Railway Life sciences Semiconductors Electrical industry Household appliances Power supply Power tools Defence industry Solar power industry Aerospace Wind power Our materials and engineering expertise We continuously develop and improve Entrepreneurial spirit and personal com- make us technology leaders. This, ourselves and are innovative. This is what together with our pragmatic action, paves motivates us to advise our customers, the way to identify new growth potential and goals for...

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Left side: Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and infiltration (CVI) under clean room conditions Right: Climate chamber with sun simulation Below: Corporate headquarters in Heuchelheim, Germany The Schunk Group stands for excellent material and engineering expertise. As a global technology company, we are a With innovative products and future-oriented leader in our core markets of carbon technology technologies, Schunk is represented in every key and ceramics, environmental simulation and industry. From automobiles, rail-based vehicles air conditioning technology, sintered metals and electronic components...

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Customer-oriented company with an entrepreneurial spirit The goals and wishes of our customers are our top priority. We want to inspire our customers with great commitment, understanding of their applications and technical expertise. Our company spirit and personal involvement make us a reliable partner here. They enable us to give our customers clear competitive advantages in the form of pragmatism, speed and the capability of taking action. Remain independent and grow sustainably The foundation of our success is the long-term orientation of the company. Many years ago, company founder Ludwig...

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Passion for what we do “It’s a lot of fun to work at a high-tech company like the Schunk Group.” Individual perspectives for common success Diversity is a fixed component of the Schunk Our solid foundation culture and sustainable culture, just like the sites, regions and areas growth-oriented company strategy make the of business we call home. By promoting Schunk Group a reliable employer. With a broad interculturality, increasing female technical offering of opportunities for continuing education and management personnel and through and qualification, we open up prospects for cross-generational...

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The Schunk Group — A global technology company High-tech products and systems in the area of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and air conditioning, sintered metals, and ultrasonic welding. Schunk Carbon Technology Schunk Group Weiss Technik Schunk Sinter Metals Schunk Sonosystems Development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions Systems for environmental simulation, air conditioning, heat technology and clean room and containment systems High-precision sintered parts using axial pressing technology and metal powder injection molding System solutions...

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Schunk Carbon Technology A global leader in the development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions Every part, every component and every and the semiconductor industry, we’ve got you system is faced with technical limitations covered. Schunk Carbon Technology combines which are often the result of the material its capacity for innovation and technological expertise with exceptional customer service With our carbon, graphite, carbon-composite, here. Thanks to its decentralized and flexible silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and quartz structure, the division is precisely aligned...

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Electrical carbon Schunk Carbon Technology combines com- Products from Schunk Carbon Technology for prehensive expertise in development, production efficient power transmission can be found in and processing of carbon and silicon carbide automobiles, trains, almost all industrial appli- materials (SiC) and their tribological behaviors. cations and a large number of consumer goods, Sealing rings, bearings and pump components whether they’re carbon brushes, brush holders, made of our graphite and carbon materials, as slip rings and strips, contacts, conductor bands, well as SiC, are characterized...

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Weiss Technik Test it. Heat it. Cool it. Test it. Heat it. Cool it. The Weiss Technik division, with its weisstechnik®, vötschtechnik, Climats and Fitotron® brands, is a major developer and manufacturer of systems for environmental simulation, air conditioning technology, heat technology and clean room and containment systems. Our solutions are used across the globe in all key industries in research and development, as well as in production and quality assurance. A strong sales and service organization on the regional and global levels ensures ideal customer care and the high operating reliability...

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weisstechnik®, votschtechnik and Climats environmental simulation systems simulate a wide variety of different environmental effects at an accelerated pace. Whether it's temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined stress testing, we have the right solution. We develop, produce and install systems of every size, from standard designs to customer-specific, process-integrated systems for high reproducibility and precise test results. With our Fitotron® range of products, we offer our customers additional innovative solutions which were specially developed for scientific examinations in biological...

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