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From zero to future. Perfectly safe. - 27 Pages

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From zero to future. Perfectly safe.
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Catalog excerpts

From zero to future. Perfectly safe. Test it. Heat it. Cool it. weisstechnik

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Innovation at full speed. With weisstechnik you can really accelerate. The automotive industry is facing major challenges. It needs innovative concepts to deliver lower consumptions and reduced emissions with enhanced performance, higher safety and more Weiss Technik companies are amongst the most innovative and significant entertainment. At the same time, it wants to push ahead with developers and manufacturers of systems in the field of environmental the development of self-driving vehicles. Whoever is to succeed simulation, temperature processes and air conditioning. Specially for the in these...

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Taking every curve with ease. With weisstechnik you get there easier, cleaner and safer. We love extremes, repeatable results, energy-efficient processes and excellent service, which is why we offer you exactly that. As a partner of the automotive industry for many years, we know about the challenges of increasing requirements, shortened development times and ever more demanding customers. Industrial Heating Technology We can supply you with modern production ovens for curing of composite materials, moulded resins and adhesive connections, for annealing, solution and heat treatment of metal parts...

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Some like it hot. Fire up your processes – with vötschtechnik. Maximum precision, reproducible processes and reliable documentation are important factors for success in the automotive industry. In many manufacturing stages, heat processes play a central role. We supply a wide range of CQI-9-compliant temperature-controlled production systems for car manufacturers and their suppliers. Renowned car manufacturers and leading suppliers use our systems for heat-setting of plastic pipes, vulcanisation of elastomers, solution for annealing of light metals or curing of fibre composites and adhesive compounds. Benefit...

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The future of driving is plastics. Profit from the advantages of a true multi-talent. Special solutions for the automotive industry • Powerful extraction for effective removal of process vapours and therefore significantly reduced condensation Plastics are light, flexible, versatile and usually cheap to produce. Their importance in the automotive industry is therefore continually increasing. To make optimum use of the advantages of different plastics, it is important to match the production precisely with the particular material. • Optimised sealing of equipment and reduced pressure in the work...

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Hot rods for perfect quality. The optimum way to produce and encapsulate electronic assemblies. Continuous Ovens with Cooling Zone Hot-Air Ovens with Vertical Silo The production of pressure controllers for motor vehicle Heat treatment systems with vertical silos such as pater- engines and other electrical components in quantity noster systems and lifting cages permit continuous requires the use of continuous ovens. Using various forms production at minimum space. Thanks to optical position of heating, these ensure rapid heating and short processing detection, individual incorporation in the production...

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From gearwheels to bodywork. Perfect temperature conditions for each of your components with vötschtechnik. Throughflow Systems with Cooling Zone Heat and Tempering Ovens The drying and annealing of bulk materials, e.g. sintered metal, requires a high throughput and Our oven construction concept has been proven and constantly rapid cooling of the components to enable immediate processing of the material in the next further developed for over a decade. It is used for many heat production stage. At the same time, this must only take up a small production area. The freely treatment processes on various...

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Production TECHNICAL ARTICLE Dimensionally stable, lightweight components for energy-efficient cars. At the Fraunhofer Institute (IWU), new materials become comprehensible. for early product assurance is therefore needed before Aided by rails in the floor and a loading trolley, the work- the genuine parts and equipment become available in pieces can be aligned, marked at the required reference order to keep quality and costs within the planned range. points and positioned in the oven. To obtain precise measured values, the window is made of borosilicate glass with The Fraunhofer Institute for...

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Simply shift up a gear. Accelerate your products to market readiness with weisstechnik. Whether sun, rain or snow, de-icing salt or a sea breeze, stopped or at full throttle, it's all the same: before a vehicle goes on the road, it must be ensured that built-in materials and components will work and remain intact long-range under all conditions. After testing in our systems, your development is weatherproof. Tropics, arctic zone, deserts We are specialists in standard test chambers and large, customer-specific installations and test harder than nature. Our testing technology permits comprehensive...

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E-mobility on the safe side. Test your batteries and fuel cells – explosion proof. Alternative drives are a central part of the automotive future and make environmental sense, especially in combination with regeneratively generated power. On the one hand, this enables demands for driveability and comfort to be met, on the other hand, the requirements of environmental zones in city centres can be complied with and environmental impacts can be sustainably reduced. Meeting increasingly stringent requirements In comparison with other mobile storage systems, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cell technology...

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Keeping track of emissions. Incidentally – we also have fuel temperature control systems suitable for AdBlue®! With weisstechnik systems, you can test safely and with repeatable results. Emission and Performance Test Chambers Test Chambers for SHED Our highly complex Test Chambers simulate the widest range of environmental conditions under which weisstechnik Test Chambers for SHED (Sealed Housing for emission and performance tests are carried out. The combined Temperature and Climate Test Chambers Evaporative Determination) are equipped with the necessary are so equipped that they can reproducibly...

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