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Clime Event - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Climate Test Chambers ClimeEvent

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Test whatever you like. Perfection in performance, equipment and design. From bricks to circuit boards – in research, development and quality control, you won’t want to take any chances. We’ll support you. Climate Test Chambers ClimeEvent. Completely thought through. We know what matters for your tests: reliable, precise and reproducible results. That’s why we design our test chambers to meet exactly these demands. Because incorrect results lead to incorrect conclusions. With this in mind, we already eliminate any interference factors during the design phase, relying on our comprehensive expertise...

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More equipment, right from the start. Basic equipment setting standards. Exterior • Safely into the future – using the new refrigerant The new refrigerant R449A is used in all Climate Test Chambers ClimeEvent. The GWP value of just 1397 ensures safe usage even after 2030, and the refrigerant does not have to be replaced. As a result, we are already surpassing today the statutory standards of tomorrow as well as future-proofing your tests and making them easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly. Interior • rt of engineering for more performance A The smartly engineered air guidance...

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Tailor-made testing. Optional equipment for individual solutions. Exterior • Everything at a glance A multi-isolated observation window and the optimised test chamber lighting guarantee an optimal view. • Mobile and flexible Two fixed and swivel castors in the mobile version allow for sufficient mobility. Interior • Makes heavy loads child’s play Thanks to strengthened shelf and heavy load rails for up to 500 kg surface load, you can test even heavy weights extensively. • High or low, whatever you prefer One or several drawers on telescopic rails can be flexibly positioned in the test Image contains...

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Convincing technology. Reliable results. Test space dimensions, H x W x D Maximum temperature Maximum temperature Dew point temperature range Humidity range Humidity constancy in time The performance data at a glance: TEMPERATURE TESTS CLIMATIC TESTS With temperature-changing speed of 3 K/min ClimeEvent C/180/40/3 Calibration values (factory calibration): The required clearances can be reduced by dismounting components. Discontinuously. 3 According to IEC 60068-3-5; measured on average, in the temperature range of minimum temperature to +150 °C. 4 In steady state, depending on the temperature....

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Become more efficient. Quicker, longer, harder. Our solutions will save you time and money. Test Chambers for special requirements. Get the most out of your test facility. Is there explosion hazard originating from your product? Do you want to carry out a weathering test on your product including temperature change and UV rays? No problem! On request, we will equip your Test Chamber with explosion protection or an irradiation unit. Integration of further parameters is also possible – contact us! Create your own perfect testing process with the S!MPATI® software package. Process management/documentation/networking...

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weisstechnik Test it. Heat it. Cool it. Our solutions are deployed around the world in research, development, production and quality assurance of numerous products. Our experts from 21 companies are at your service in 14 countries, ready to provide support to ensure high operational reliability of your systems. Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the most innovative and significant manufacturers of environmental simulation systems. With these testing systems, we can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond, under accelerated conditions. Whether temperature, climate, corrosion, dust...

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