MaxGyro® Military Grade Rate Gyro - 7 Pages

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MaxGyro® Military Grade Rate Gyro

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Watson Industries prides itself on solving customer problems and serving their needs in a timely fashion. This manual is intended to facilitate this goal and to provide written information about your product. We ask that you carefully read this manual. Becoming familiar with the manual will help you understand the product’s capabilities and limitations, as well as provide you with a basic understanding of its operation. If, after reading the manual, you require further assistance, do not hesitate to call Watson Industries with your questions and comments. CAUTION! Watson Sensors are rugged...

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Product Description The MAX-122-1A is a single axis solid-state rate gyro. The sensor provides a voltage proportional to the rate of turn about its sensitive axis. At zero angular rate, the output is 0.0 volts (plus a bias). Full-scale output is ±10.0 VDC for ±50°/s. A dual power supply, providing regulated +15 VDC and –15 VDC, is required. Principles of Operation Gyroscopes (Gyros) are used to measure angular motion. Vibrating Structure Gyros are solid-state devices that provide an output voltage proportional to the rate of turn applied to the sensitive axis. All the vibrating structure...

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Angular Rate Range: Resolution: Analog Scale Factor: Scale Factor Accuracy: Scale Factor Temp Coefficient: Bias: Room Temperature Bias: Over Temp Range Bias: Stability Warmup Drift: Non-Linearity: Bandwidth: Noise: Environmental Temperature: Operating Temperature: Storage Noise Under Vibration: (0.1 to 100Hz) Vibration: Survival Shock: Survival Electrical Startup Time: Input Power: Positive Input Power: Negative Analog Output: Physical Size: Including Mounting Flanges Weight: Connection: Constant temperature Over temperature range Constant temp - 1hr 30 min Full scale range 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz...

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Power: Ground (Black), +15 VDC (Brown), and -15 VDC (White). Each input voltage should be within ±5%. Higher or reverse voltages will cause component damage; a lower voltage may cause faulty operation. The power inputs should be well filtered; power line noise may cause noise to appear on the outputs. Current draw is approximately 70 mA from positive supply and 35 mA from the negative supply. Output: The signal output (Blue) has a 500 ohm output resistance. The output signal is referenced to Ground (Black). The output is ±10VDC for ±50 deg/sec. The output is 0.0 VDC at zero angular rate....

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Rough handling or dropping of this unit is likely to cause damage. Over-voltage and/or miswiring of this unit will cause damage. This unit should be protected against prolonged exposure to high humidity and/or salt air environments. DISCLAIMER The information contained in this manual is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, it is the user’s responsibility to test and to determine whether a Watson Industries’ product is suitable for a particular use. Suggestion of uses should not be taken as inducements to infringe upon any patents. WARRANTY Watson Industries, Inc. warrants, to the...

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All repairs, calibrations and upgrades are performed at the factory. Before returning any product, please contact Watson Industries to obtain a Returned Material Authorization number (RMA). Return Address & Contact Information Watson Industries, Inc. 3035 Melby Street Eau Claire, WI 54703 ATTN: Service Department Telephone: (715) 839-0628 Fax: (715) 839-8248 email: Returning the Product Product shall be packaged making sure there is adequate packing around all sides. Correspondence shall include: • Customer’s Name and Address • Contact Information • Equipment Model...

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