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DMS-S605 - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Dynamic Measurement System DMS-S605 Description: Originally developed to meet the needs of automotive testing professionals, the Dynamic Measurement System (DMS) was designed for instrumenting the drive and handling characteristics of vehicles. The DMS may be used in almost any application where triaxial angular rate and acceleration data is required. The sensor provides both angular rate and acceleration outputs in analog and digital formats. The DMS features six accelerometer outputs. The X, Y, and Z axis outputs represent the accelerations in the plane of the vehicle body, while the second set of three outputs measure the acceleration aligned with an earth-level coordinate system. This allows forward and lateral acceleration measurements that are essentially free of gravity influences. The triaxial sensor set allows software alignment of sensors, greatly reducing any alignment errors. The serial interface is highly configurable and provides access to almost all operational parameters. The DMS-S605 is a miniaturized version of the DMS-E604. This sensor uses MEMS gyros to make the instruments smaller and more economical. The E-series line of sensors uses our larger VSG gyros for enhanced accuracy and signal stability. The DMS uses an input of forward velocity to compensate the long term references, allowing the error correction system to work continuously. Other companies manufacture sensor packages that turn off their corrections during high dynamic conditions causing a drift in accuracy over time. The DMS-S605 is much more useable in highly dynamic conditions, and has been designed to provide the best possible combination of reliable data and low cost. Applications: The DMS-S605 is useful for automotive testing and land vehicle dynamics applications. • Solid State, Strapdown System • Six Accelerometer Outputs • Small Size • Low Cost, Low Power • Rugged, High Reliability • Analog and RS-232 Serial Outputs • One Y ear Limited W arranty • Engineering Support Watson Industries, Inc. 3035 Melby Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703 U.S.A Phone: +1 (715) 839-0628    Fax: +1 (715) 839-8248 e-mail: support@watson-gyro.com Website: www.watson-gyro.com

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Analog Scale Factor:    18°/V Binary mode (14 bit) ±10V Bank ±5V Elevation Relative Heading Range: Resolution: Analog Scale Factor: * Accuracy: Dynamic Angular Rate Range: Roll, Pitch, Yaw Resolution: Analog Scale Factor: Scale Factor Accuracy: Bias: Roll, Pitch, Yaw Non-Linearity: Bandwidth: Acceleration Range: X, Y, Z Range: Forward, Lateral, Vertical Resolution: Analog Scale Factor: Scale Factor Accuracy: Bias: X, Y, Z Non-Linearity: Bandwidth: Environmental Temperature: Operating Temperature: Storage Vibration: Operating Vibration: Survival Shock: Survival Electrical Frame Rate: Startup Time:...

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This product may be subject to export restrictions. Please consult the factory. HANDLE WITH CARE DELICATE INSTRUMENT email: support@watson-gyro.com INTERNATIONALLY PATENTED AND PATENTS PENDING Watson Industries, Inc. 3035 Melby Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703 U.S.A Phone: +1 (715) 839-0628 Fax: +1 (715) 839-8248 e-mail: support@watson-gyro.com Website: www.watson-gyro.com

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