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WASP-Dollies-Carts - 3 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Keep Moving with WASP Dollies and carts There’s no reason to just get by with a basic dolly design. Rollers, casters, center pivots, single or double Ackerman steering, various container and pallet sizes and multiple load capacities — no matter what your operation needs, we’ll make sure you have a dolly that fits. Plus, our engineering team will work directly with your safety department to meet any requirements. We custom design and manufacture to ensure you not only get a product that works for you, but that it fulfills your company’s highest expectations for reliability and safety. Then we test it and test it again to make sure it holds up for the long haul.

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Container Dollies TowBar-Actuated Brakes Move Containers with Ease Radius-Cut Corners Galvanized Rollers WASP dollies will easily secure and transport almost any container size as fast as 25 mph (40 kph). Roller • Caster • Turntable Full LIne Features and Benefits • Integrated dolly and towbar work together • Heavy-duty steel, 1/4-inch-perimeter frames with radius-cut corners • U.S. military-grade powder coating provides endurance • A foot-operated release on Double Ackerman models eases seamlessly to prevent jackknifing and damage. and customization, and optional hot-dip galvanizing further improves...

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New Standard Dolly Maneuver and Adapt to Changing Loads Discover the new standard in cargo/container dollies with a long-lasting, easily adaptable unit. • Load LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-11 containers, including two LD-2 or LD-3 containers at a time, to accommodate ever-changing workloads. It also takes on half, 88-by-125-inch (224-by-318-centimeter) and 96-by-125-inch (244-by-318-centimeter) pallets. • Eight wheels and a heavy-duty steel frame easily handle loads as heavy as 15,000 pounds (6,804 kilograms). Roller guards • Tineway pockets allow the load to be easily moved in situations where a loader...

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