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Wanzl Stories
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Catalog excerpts

If you are holding this volume in your hands, you are one of the people This volume illustrates several episodes that occurred over the course we refer to as “friends of the company”, with a truly special connection of six decades, offering you an insight into the values we put into practice, how we interpret partnership and reliability, our definition of quality and the power of innovation, and just how important our But do you also know the history of our company; are you familiar with how it all began and the journey we took over the course of decades? Do you know about the sometimes-strange...

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"Weighing up" the options and moving from scales to trolleys. The beginnings of independence The birth of a brand. Innovative strength from the outset 2.5 million for a very special meal. Achieving success through humility In bed with the buyer. At EuroShop from outset One wall falls and more are built. Winning market shares How Wanzl conquered an endurance run in Hong Kong Airport. Establishing a foothold on the Asian market Wanzl and the inspiring spark. Additional internationalisation in Australia Creativity, not crisis. Investment in Wanzl Creative Center Africa-style product testing. Quality...

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„Weighing  up… the options  and  moving from  scales  to  trolleys. hen Rudolf Wanzl Senior took up self-employment on May 5, 1947, the company's designation in the commercial register was “Workshop for the construction of scales and provision of repair services” (“Werkstatt für Waagenbau und Reparaturdienste”). This was a clever decision at the time, as direct contact with his clientèle – mainly consisting of butcher shops – was a guaranteed way to feed the family in those times of “payment in kind”. While major manufacturers of scales made it increasingly difficult for small and younger companies...

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Row 14, window seat on the left: the birth of a brand.

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In 1951, flying was still an adventure, particularly on long-distance routes across the Atlantic. In the cabin, there was no mistaking the sound of the powerful propeller motors, and their vibrations were constant companions to the passengers who spent the long flight time eating, drinking, smoking and reading in their generously proportioned seats. One of the passengers in particular -sitting at a window seat behind the wing - wanted to achieve something while gliding above the clouds towards Europe. He was preoccupied with too many insights he had gained in America, and unleashed ideas that...

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n 1972, the company was in urgent need of larger premises in order to fulfil the high number of orders. Plant 2 was set up, meaning that Wanzl was able to process their full order books reliably and to the usual quality standards. But then, out of nowhere, the company’s Augsburg-based bank demanded that the building loan be repaid. 2.5 million for a very spe cial meal. They forced Rudolf Wanzl to sell the plant, and pay off the credit within six weeks. With his back to the wall, Wanzl decided to approach the local Günzburg savings bank. He told them about the situation and the bank immediately...

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uroShop has been established as the world’s leading trade fair in this together”, and so conversation remained personal. In the course of this industry for decades. In 1966 Wanzl, a young company at that time, easy conversation, the visitor revealed that he was rather stressed out, presented at the first fair in this series, with the aim of generating orders as he had not been able to find a hotel room and did not know where he could stay. Immediately, the team offered In those days, every single trade fair visit bore a significant cost factor, for him a room of his own in the guesthouse, while...

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ver the course of decades, Rudolf Wanzl tent structures were erected in lush meadows, to serve as Wanzl increased sales proved definitively that he was a foresighted shops, cash desks were placed on pallets, and all the new entrepreneur. His motto was: “We invest stores were equipped with large quantities of shopping everything we earn into the ground, rock and earth.” trolleys. Finally, the people of East Germany were given Czech Republic, Poland Following this principle, the first ground-breaking ceremony everything that had long since been standard in the West. At Wanzl, it was “all hands on...

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At the end of the 90s, Wanzl was extending its activities in Asia: the company founded a branch in China in 1998, and shopping trolleys were produced in the company's own plant in Shanghai from the year 2000. In 1998, there were plans to replace Hong Kong International Airport. In the course of this construction project, a tender was put out for equipping all terminals with mobile luggage trolleys, and this represented a huge opportunity for Wanzl to establish a greater foothold in Asia. Wanzl obtained an appointment with the airport planners to introduce its products and services and - following...

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ustralia. They already had koalas, endless coastline and kangaroos – but they still did not have the right shopping trolleys. It stood to reason then that Gottfried Wanzl, who was both Head of Sales and the Chairman of the Management Board, made the journey together with his CFO to discover Down Under! Of course, in completing their store checks, the small delegation came across shops that did not have any Wanzl shopping trolleys whatsoever. And although an Australian saying goes ‘Tis a silly sheep that confesses to the wolf  ’, products manufactured by Australian competitors could hardly avoid...

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C R E AT I V I T Y, N O T C R I S I S . In 2010, two new business units were adding to the existing Retail Systems, Shop Solutions, Logistics + Industry and Hotel sectors, in the form of Airport and Access Solutions. efore the banking crisis took hold in 2008 when The decision paid off: in 2010, the global economy was the major American bank Lehman Brothers folded, growing again and the build was finished. Wanzl was able Wanzl had already started new construction at its to present its entire cross-sector product portfolio at company headquarters in Leipheim. Prior to that, two prestigious premises...

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