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Fulfilment in E-commerce
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Catalogue excerpts

LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE Fulfilment in E-commerce Efficient order picking, storage and transporting

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE The world is changing. Take advantage of it! Umsatzsteigerung des Online- und Versandhandels Increasing digitalisation is changing consumers’ purchasing behaviour around the world. Online retail is booming, and logistics are booming along with it. From smart start-up companies to over-the-counter retail traders with an online shop to large Internet-only players, online retailers now have to be competitive on more than price. Delivery speed is also playing an increasingly significant role in customer satisfaction. E-COMMERCE TURNOVER in Europe Quelle: Bundesverband...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE Your solution provider: from receiving to shipping We in the division of Logistics + Industry develop and manufacture products to meet numerous intralogistics requirements in the mail-order segment. Do your intralogistics need to be adapted to new factors or do they require fundamental optimisation? We would be happy to visit you on site and discuss how we can make your processes more efficient or take the pressure off your employees. Our order-picking trolleys, transport trolleys, roll cages and mobile workplaces are used from receiving through to shipping. Our...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE ■ Whether it is planned orders or unplanned returns, the goods have to be inspected upon receipt and then promptly booked. A mobile work station directly at the unloading site is available to avoid unnecessary walking. Goods often have to be unpacked before they are transported further. Our mobile box containers are always close by and offer a large load capacity to move boxes and films for disposal. The goods should then be immediately available in the warehouse. Rapid further transport into the order picking warehouse also keeps the amount of space required...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE Box container Collection container for packaging waste such as cardboard boxes, films and packing paper. They are available in lengths of 1,200 mm and 1,620 mm with a foldable front grate and two castor locks. Transport trolleys Our robust transport trolleys with a grate or a non-slip wooden platform are available in a number of variants and sizes. They are easy to steer and can be pushed together to save space.

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE The order picking warehouse The person-to-goods system Two systems are predominantly used in the field of order picking: the person-to-goods system or the goods-to-person system. A combination is of course also possible, depending on the range of items and the demand. The person-to-goods system This static order picking system involves a manual warehouse in which there is direct access to all items. It is also suitable for bulk items, as the size of the storage space on the shelves can be varied. A further advantage is that seasonal order peaks can be covered...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE KT3 "drive" order picking trolley Our KT3 order picking trolley is also available with an electric drive. It is perfect for heavy loads and reduces the physical strain placed on your employees. Entertainment sorting trolley Our trolleys for the picking of books, CDs and many other small and medium-sized published items. The adjustable separators mean the compartment size is variable. MultiPick trolley Ideal for the e-food sector. Up to 6 orders can be picked at a time. For plastic boxes of standard size 400 x 600 mm. KT-T Order picking trolley The low-sitting...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE The order picking warehouse Wanzl dynamic material handling: The goods-to-person system   An automated warehouse is used for this dynamic order picking system. It transports the entire loading unit for the removal of ordered goods at the ergonomic operating opening. The picker removes the quantity needed and requests the next item. The automated systems have a fixed performance limit and are configured on an individual basis in accordance with the customer’s performance requirements. If the volume ordered permanently increases, the system can be expanded to include...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE Twister H horizontal carousel storage We recommend our horizontal carousel storage Twister H for large-scale, low rooms for the optimal use of space and the best possible picking performance. Here, the goods are stored in horizontal carousel storage racks and rotate to the removal point on request. The self-driving MiRHook200 transport robot It pulls the order picking tray to the predetermined position using a gripper arm, safely and efficiently manoeuvring around people and obstacles. Existing facilities do not need to be converted. The transport robot can be...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE ■ Whether an individual packaging space or a packaging route is needed, sufficient packaging material should always be available. In the best case scenario, this task is given to individual employees so the packer is not unnecessarily interrupted from the packing process. With our box transport trolleys, you can transport large and small shipping cartons to their packing spaces quickly and ensure short lead times in shipping. With the Click&Collect model, the goods ordered are transported from the central warehouse to the selected branch, where they are provided...

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LOGISTICS + INDUSTRY | E-COMMERCE Fully enclosed roll cages The RC/S series roll cages are characterised by a closed construction and can be secured against theft using a padlock, as required. Nestable roll cages The RC/N series roll cages can be folded in when empty and pushed together to save space. This saves valuable storage space. Custom-made items n Some logistics concepts require an individual product design tailored to the specific task. Here, too, we can support you with advice and assistance. We can develop and manufacture a tailored solution that will integrate perfectly into your intralogistics...

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