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Catalogue excerpts

Airport + Security Solutions | Airport Airport Solutions First class travel starts here

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Airport + Security Solutions | Contents

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction First Class Travel Service Experience since the early 70s   At Wanzl, we know what people will want tomorrow. As a world market leader for shopping trolleys, we provide exactly the right answers when it comes to transporting luggage at airports, seaports, railway stations and hotels, too. In the fast-paced world of international travel, passengers expect things to run quickly, smoothly and easily. That's precisely why many of the world's biggest airports now rely on the first-class equipment provided by world market leader ­Wanzl.   We have been providing...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Quality_MADE BY WANZL Wanzl sets standards for quality and design Considerable manufacturing depth Excellent product systems   The range of Wanzl luggage trolleys, trolley management systems, porter trolleys, turnstiles, entrance and exit systems and service products is always expanding. But all the models and systems have one thing in common – a name that guarantees safety and quality: Wanzl.   Planning is supported by Wanzl's experience and know-how. During production, Wanzl can rely on high-quality materials, perfect processing and considerable manufacturing...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Luggage Trolleys The right trolley for your passengers Luggage Trolleys – Landside Luggage Trolleys for Escalators Luggage Trolleys – Airside   Luggage trolleys for different requirements: Landside trolleys can transport large items of luggage long distances without any problems. They are easy to push even when heavily loaded and are available in designs suitable for escalators, if the airport facility includes these. Airside trolleys are used to transport hand luggage or duty-free purchases.   The high-quality craftsmanship with all Wanzl luggage trolleys...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Trolley Management Innovative investments that pay off Vending Solutions Trolley Management Trolley Maintenance   The constant availability of Wanzl luggage trolleys when required is essential for perfect trolley management. The well-organised supply of trolleys, the recirculation of trolleys via Wanzl collection points and the safe return of whole rows of trolleys to collection points using Wanzl Airport Scooters ensure that work processes are carried out efficiently.   Maintenance for luggage trolleys and related equipment, so that everything functions...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Airport Cart Service (ACS) Services that we are happy to take over for you Trolley Management Concession Passenger Assistance Porter Service   Services connected with luggage trolleys and related equipment. ACS takes over the whole range of services under concession including supplying ultra-modern luggage trolleys and innovative systems. All luggage trolley logistics, including cash management, staffing and continuous technical support, are then the responsibility of ACS Airport Cart Service.   Services for passengers. ACS also offers other services...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Security Solutions Electronic systems for guidance, monitoring and tickets Entrance & Exit Systems Access Control Systems Paid Access Solutions   Access authorisation and control in various areas with different requirements – staff access, boarding systems, ticket systems for chargeable areas and more. Adaptable systems with readers, scanners or vending machines have been reliably used for many years.   Reliable separation, simple processes and exemplary service are the objectives aimed for during the development of such systems. The introduction of...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Wanzl Quality Highlights Premium quality down to the finest detail Materials and quality surfaces – Wanzl uses only superior materials such as high-quality thick tubing – Top-quality processing in-house and surface coating – UV-resistant plastics for proprietary highly impact-resistant plastic parts Extremely long product life spans – resulting in very low maintenance and repair costs (total cost of ownership). Exemplary finishes High corrosion resistance due to multi-layered, extremely resistant surface coating. Zinc and transparent dip coating Zinc...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Introduction Specification Luggage trolleys – a user-specific overview Model Landside Length x width x height (mm) Dynamic Stainless loading capacity steel (kg) Castor wheels For Automatic travelabrake tors 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2 fixed castors 2 swivel castors 2 fixed castors 2 swivel castors 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2 fixed castors 2 swivel castors 2 fixed castors 2 swivel castors 2 fixed castors 1 double swivel castor 2 fixed castors 1 swivel castor 2...

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Airport + Security Solutions | Overview

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Airport + Security Solutions | Overview 01 Luggage Trolleys – Landside 02 Luggage Trolleys – Airside 03 Trolley Management 04 Porter Trolleys 05 Security Solutions 06 Service Products

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Airport | Luggage Trolleys – Landside 01 Product Overview 01.01 – 01.02 Voyager

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Airport | Luggage Trolleys – Landside 01 Luggage Trolleys – Landside

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Airport | Luggage Trolleys – Landside 01.01 Voyager 3000/3000 EX Reliable technology and impressive design › Lightweight aluminium construction › Generous advertising space › Maintenance-free brake rod Voyager 3000 EX Luggage Trolley Landside

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Airport | Luggage Trolleys – Landside 01.01 Voyager 3000/3000 EX The Voyager models are used all over the world on account of their impressive design and reliable technology. Airport operators and service providers appreciate their lightweight design, easy handling and generous advertising space. PROMOBOX® PLUS Ergonomic handle with generous advertising space. Optional coin deposit system to ensure orderly trolley provision. Large luggage rack Brake shoe design prevents the castor tread from wearing. In standard and extended EX version. 10 Voyager 3000: 3405 mm 265 10 Voyager 3000 EX: 3540 mm...

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