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Catalogue excerpts

RETAIL SYSTEMS | ACCESS SYSTEMS Customer guidance systems Setting trends worldwide

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | CONTENTS OVER 50 YEARS OF CUSTOMER THE GUIDANCE YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED 8 PROJECT PLANNING, WITH A GREAT Electronic entrance systems Mechanical entrance systems Customer guidance systems Emergency exits Pallet passages Mechanical checkout barriers Electronic checkout barriers/swing gates Customer frequency measurement Customer counting

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION Over 50 years of customer guidance systems Benefit from Wanzl knowledge and expertise  For over 50 years, entrance systems and turnstiles, customer guidance systems and barriers have been a focal point of the Wanzl product range. Wherever it is necessary to manage and monitor routes and to guarantee a seamless process, the innovative and high-quality products from Wanzl are in use. PORTAMAT KL The Wanzl customer guidance portfolio is systematic. It contains all the components that modern stores require to guide and regulate customer flows, from the entrance to the...

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION A brilliant reception There’s no second chance to make a first impression INVITING: Technoport INVITING AND FUNCTIONAL: eGate INVITING AND EYE-CATCHING: eGate Colour   At Wanzl, we know what people are looking for. They are looking for good experiences, not least when shopping, so inviting entry areas, low key guidance, and effective barriers from Wanzl, help achieve this goal.   At Wanzl, highly-qualified employees are constantly working to develop solutions that make the processes within your company more effective, your store more inviting, orientation easier and...

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION The guidance your customers need Reliable – from the entrance to the checkout ELECTRONIC ENTRANCE SYSTEMS: eGate Colour CHECKOUT BARRIERS: FS checkout barrier PROTECTORS: ProTec 3 bumper   Wanzl customer guidance systems accompany your customers throughout the entire store. Entrance systems that look as open and free of barriers as possible invite people to enter the store and make your customers feel welcome. Various designs of partitions open up paths and help to divide and structure your range. Effective protectors protect the shop fittings, the sensitive freezer...

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION Safety as you need it You know the situation. Wanzl has the solution. OPEN GUIDANCE: Classic customer guidance systems PREVENTATIVE ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION: Railix Design OPTIMUM PROTECTION AGAINST INVENTORY LOSSES: eGate double system, double-gate   Diverse solutions from Wanzl. Safety standards requirements vary hugely from region to region and nation to nation. Inner Cities, small towns, busy large towns, and country stores etc. You are aware of the situation in your store and know what is necessary. The equipment of the components and/or of the system is selected...

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION Project planning, with a great deal of experience Guiding customers – tactfully and almost unnoticeably COMPETENT ADVICE: on site or at our exhibit in the CreativeCenter PROFESSIONAL PLANNING: using modern CAD systems 3D IMAGES: clearly show you how to use the device   Competent advice. Make contact with us at the outset. We can provide you with support and advice, even while you are first considering a new project. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to help you to approach your construction project in the best possible way and to avoid any problems....

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | INTRODUCTION Service, at any time and in any location Assembly, maintenance and repair by experts ASSEMBLY: by our trained specialists MAINTENANCE: in line with a cycle, or as you wish REPAIR: with short response times   Installation exactly in line with the plan in every respect. Our experienced fitters assemble and install the systems, commission them and hand them over in ready-to-use condition – with some useful tips. This takes place exactly as planned in the drawings and, so as to comply with and not to disrupt operational processes, exactly in line with the schedule.  ...

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | OVERVIEW OF THE MARKET 1 eGate electronic entrance system 2 Railix Basic partition system with Technoline guide rails 3 Chrome corner protectors 4 Technoline guide rails 5 N exit barrier 6 Classic checkout barrier with base 7 Classic checkout barrier between connecting tubes

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | OVERVIEW OF THE MARKET 01 Entrance systems 02 Guidance systems 03 Protection systems 04 Barriers 05 Exit gates 06 Customer counting 07 Service

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | ENTRANCE SYSTEMS 01 Product overview 01.01 - 01.03 eGate and Technoport electronic entrance systems COLOUR DOUBLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE-GATE 01.04 Transponder module for eGate and Technoport 01.05 Ecoport electronic entrance systems SYSTEM, DOUBLEGATE WITH CENTRAL DIVIDER CROSSING LIGHT BARRIERS AND EXIT ALARM 01.07 Mechanical entrance systems, safety turnstiles TURNSTILE WITH CLEARANCE FOR SHOPPING TROLLEY 01.08 Mechanical entrance systems, swing gates

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | ELECTRONIC ENTRANCE SYSTEMS 01.01 eGate® Colour The particularly friendly welcome › Friendly customer reception with LED lighting › Inviting route guidance in a modern design › Customisation with own logo or lettering available DOUBLE SYSTEM Swivel arm in ES glass SINGLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE-GATE DOUBLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE-GATE WITH ENTRY SECTION DOUBLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE-GATE Opening in both directions With central divider, opening to the left or right

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ACCESS SYSTEMS | ELECTRONIC ENTRANCE SYSTEMS 01.01 eGate® Colour eGate® Colour makes customers feel very welcome as soon as they reach the entrance area. Innovative LED lighting clearly indicates the route and invites customers to enter the store. Attractive eye-catching design Strong system Thanks to the range of colour options available, the upright of the attractive high-tech entrance system matches the store’s corporate design and, with the illuminated swivel arm, encourages customers to enter, with the ‘barrier-effect’ greatly reduced. The barrier effect is greatly reduced. eGate® and Railix®...

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