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_ WALTER BLAXX: THE NEW GENERATION OF MILLING CUTTERS Powerful, precise, reliable. Product innovations

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Walter BLA)6( Tiger-tecfSilver Maximise tool life and precision.    What is required is a reliable system which facilitates absolute Anyone who wants to optimise the performance of their    precision and stands out thanks to its extremely long tool life. production must take all parameters into consideration.    The Walter BLAXX milling cutters impress with their incredibly Doing so brings into focus one of the most striking aspects    robust tool bodies. These are equipped with Walter's most of the process chain: Because the point where tool and work-    efficient indexable inserts -...

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LNHU130608R-L55T tangential indexable inserts Protected against wear by special surface treatment Four useable, precisely 90° cutting edges Positive cutting characteristics Powered by F5141 shoulder mill, 80 mm diameter The benchmark for a new generation of milling cutters. The new Walter BLAXX generation of milling cutters combines two factors that are crucial for productivity, process reliability and precision: The extremely robust Walter BLAXX mill bodies and the best indexable inserts in the Walter range – powered by Tiger·tec® Silver. A system with impressive properties, that has long...

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POWER AND PRECISION YOU CAN RELY ON. Powerful cut thanks to the high volume of carbide in the direction of the cutting force FC Maximum rigidity thanks to the large material cross-section in the mill body The tangential revolution from Walter. The Walter BLAXX mission: Being able to take advantage of all the benefits of tangential milling systems under the very conditions where radial strategies come up against their p ­ hysical limits, without having to forgo the performance data of the Tiger·tec® Silver indexable inserts. Comparison: Feed rate per tooth fz [mm] Wherever you need a...

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Full effective version Internal coolant supply at every cutting edge LNHU1306 system indexable insert Wear-protected body L65T geometry for machining s ­ tainless steels and titanium – powered by Tiger·tec® Silver L55T geometry for universal use – powered by Tiger·tec® Silver L85T geometry for aluminium machining F5138 porcupine cutter, 80 mm diameter with LNHU1306 . . F5138 porcupine cutter, 40 mm diameter with LNHU1306 . . F5241 shoulder mill, 63 mm diameter with LNHU1607 . . F5038 porcupine cutter, 25 mm diameter with LNHU0904 . . Take advantage of the power of a tangential system. The...

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WHERE PERFORMANCE IS ESSENTIAL! LNMX201012 system indexable insert can be used for all approach angles 4 cutting edges per indexable insert Tangential cutting edge arrangement Stop piece with emergency cutting function New Heavy-duty M3016 cutter, 160 mm diameter, κ = 60° with LNMX201012 system indexable insert. . Maximum productivity and process reliability. The new Walter BLAXX M3016 60° heavy-duty cutters impress across the entire wide range of applications. The tangentially arranged indexable inserts, supported by carbide stop pieces with emergency cutting function, as well as the...

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SX indexable insert for separating and slitting – powered by Tiger·tec® Silver Three SX indexable inserts for separating and slitting: With specially designed geometries for a wide variety of different machining conditions – powered by Tiger∙tec® Silver The machining force is introduced into the rigid section of the insert seat Top clamp with extremely high retaining forces Tiger∙tec® Silver cutting tool materials with maximum productivity F5055 slitting cutter, 125 mm diameter with SX-3E300N02 . . F5055 slitting cutter, 160 mm diameter with SX-4E00N02 . . Keep control when separating and...

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COST-EFFICIENT, WITH ­PROCESS RELIABILITY. Clamping screw for indexable insert Indexable insert Clamping sleeve for carbide shim Carbide shim M3024 heptagon milling cutter, 63 mm diameter with XN.U0705ANN. . . or XNMU070508. . . Version with facet or corner radius 14 cutting edges per indexable insert As reliable as it is cost-efficient. The Walter BLAXX M3024 45° face milling cutter is extremely cost-efficient and offers process reliability at the same time: The heptagon milling cutter impresses not only with its 14 cutting edges per indexable insert, but also its carbide shims which...

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Derendinger Str. 53, 72072 Tubingen Postfach 2049, 72010 Tubingen Germany www.walter-tools.com Walter GB Ltd. Bromsgrove, England +44 (1527) 839 450, service.uk@walter-tools.com Walter Kesici Takimlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. §ti. Istanbul, Turkiye +90 (216) 528 1900 Pbx, service.tr@walter-tools.com Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd. --.Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China +86 (510) 8537 2199, service.cn@walter-tools.com Walter AG Singapore Pte. Ltd. +65 6773 6180, service.sg@walter-tools.com Walter Korea Ltd. Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82 (31) 337 6100, service.kr@walter-tools.com Walter Tools India Pvt. Ltd....

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