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Tiger tec Silber Turning - 60 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Product handbook Turning _ TIGER·TEC® SILVER – ISO P GENERATION More power in steel turn

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CONTENTS Turning Milling Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation   2  The new technology   6  Geometry/cutting material overview 10  Application examples Walter Select turning tools 20 Extract from ISO P Generation range     32 Technical information 32  Cutting data for turning 34  Cutting tool material application tables 36  Geometry overview 50  Tool lif

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Walter Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation: The new technology NEW CUTTING MATERIALS, NEW GEOMETRIES: MORE FORCE, MORE PRECISION By combining new cutting materials and  new geometries, we have created a new  generation: the Tiger·tec® Silver ISO P Generation. We combined our unique  Tiger·tec® Silver CVD coating with a  brand new type of universal geometry  family for machining steel. The result  is inspirational: The Tiger·tec® Silver ISO P Generation delivers increases  in output of up to 75% in the turning  of steel. NEW: Aluminium oxide with optimised microstructure +50% higher tool life under conditions of crater wear,  ...

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NEW: Mechanical post-treatment Unique residual stress state,   increased process reliability in   mass production especially where  interrupted cuts are involved NEW: ISO P geometries Large universal breaking area   which allows the diversity of  indexable inserts to be reduced NEW: Silver flank face Indicator layer for easy wear  detection NEW: Contact surface ground after coating More pro

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Walter Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation: Wide range of applications TIGER·TEC® SILVER: EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE IN APPLICATION –  It is this ideal combination of wear resistance and toughness that gives  Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool material superior power in machining. –  The high levels of wear resistance, toughness and temperature resistance  prevent fractures and wear. As a resul

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INCREASED WEAR RESISTANCE Competitors Tiger·tec® Silver Conventional aluminium oxide – high  level of crater wear due to random  structural arrangement Aluminium oxide with optimised  microstructure INCREASED TOUGHNESS Competitors Tiger·tec® Silver Tensile stresses/risk of fractures in  the CVD coating Compressive stresses in the  CVD coating

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Walter Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation: Geometry overview FIELD OF APPLICATIONS FOR NEW ISO P GEOMETRIES MP3 GEOMETRY: Medium machining  of long-chipping  steel materials MP5 GEOMETRY: Medium machining  of steel materials in  general GEOMETRY OVERVIEW OF WALTER P GENERATION In the Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P generation, four geometries have been developed  in parallel and matched to each other. The range of supported applications has been  increased by up to 40% in comparison to previous geometries.  The r

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Walter Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation: Overview of cutting materials OVERVIEW OF TIGER·TEC® SILVER CUTTING MATERIALS WPP05S (ISO P05) • Maximum wear resistance under conditions of crater wear and plastic deformation • Continuous cut • Maximum productivity WPP10S (ISO P10) • Excellent wear resistance • Continuous and light to medium interrupted cuts WPP20S (ISO P20) • Universal cutting material, for approx 50% of all applications  • Universal cutting material, ranging from roughing to finishing • Adds reliability to automated production WPP30S (ISO P30) • Tough cutting material for interrupted cuts or unsta

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Walter Tiger·tec® Silver – ISO P Generation: Chip breaking area NEW GEOMETRIES LARGE, UNIVERSAL CHIP BREAKING AREA Properties of the new geometries: –  Large, universal chip breaking area –  Reduction of the number of  geometries in your production –  Coordinated geometry family –  Simple geometry selection ISO P GENERATION Tiger·tec® Silver CHIP-BREAKING TEST – LONG-CHIPPING STEEL Workpiece material: 16MnCr5 (1.7131) Tensile strength: Cutting speed: Indexable insert from competitor:

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TRANSMISSION SHAFT FINISHING - WITHOUT BIRD NESTING Cutting tool material: WPP10S Tiger-tec® Silver Tool:    MTJNR2525M16 (93°) Cutting data Competition    Tiger-tec® Silver Tool life    450 components    700 components Comment: Removing chips by hand after producing 150 components is no longer necessary with the FP5 geometry.

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MACHINING OF FORGED BALL JOINTS Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material Tool: Cutting data Competition    Tiger-tec®    Tiger-tec® Silver Tool life    200 components 250 components    350 components Comparison of the number of components

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TURNING CAMSHAFTS - REPEATED INTERRUPTED CUTS Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material Tool: Cutting data Competition    Tiger-tec®    Silver Comment: No notching on the indexable insert at the depth of cut, which therefore reduces burr formation on the component. Comparison of the number of components

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GEAR HUB ROUGHING 0 750 mm - INTERNAL TURNING Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material Tool: Cutting data Competition    Tiger-tec® Silver Tool life    7 components    11 components Comment: Customers can also use the CNMG160612-RP5 WPP10S indexable insert successfully on GGG70 components. The number of different indexable inserts in production has been reduced. Comparison of the number of components

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