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Supplement to the General Catalogue 2012 - 832 Pages

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Supplement to the General Catalogue 2012
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Catalogue excerpts

Walter AG Derendinger Straße 53, 72072 Tübingen Postfach 2049, 72010 Tübingen Germany www.walter-tools.com 2013/2014 Turning, drilling, threading, milling, adaptors _A COMPENDIUM OF EXPERTISE IN MACHINING Supplementary Catalogue Walter GB Ltd. Bromsgrove, England +44 (1527) 839 450, service.uk@walter-tools.com Walter Kesici Takımlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Istanbul, Türkiye +90 (216) 528 1900 Pbx, service.tr@walter-tools.com Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd. Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China +86 (510) 8241 9399, service.cn@walter-tools.com Walter AG Singapore Pte. Ltd. +65 6773 6180, service.sg@walter-tools.com Walter Korea Ltd. Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82 (31) 337 6100, service.kr@walter-tools.com Supplement to the General Catalogue 2012 Walter Tools India Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India +91 (20) 3045 7300, service.in@walter-tools.com Walter Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor D.E., Malaysia +60 (3) 8023 7748, service.my@walter-tools.com Walter Tooling Japan K.K. Nagoya, Japan +81 (52) 723 5800, service.jp@walter-tools.com Walter USA, LLC Waukesha WI, USA +1 800-945-5554, service.us@walter-tools.com Walter Canada Mississauga, Canada service.ca@walter-tools.com Walter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok, 10120, Thailand +66 2 687 0388, service.th@walter-tools.

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Walter Supplementary catalogue + Walter General catalogue = complete tool range These two catalogues contain the complete tool range of our three competence brands Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp. They contain all the precision tools you need in your production facilities for turning, boring, milling and threading. We will be pleased to send you the General catalogue on request. Visit www.walter-tools.com or speak to one of our Walter field service employees. Find what you’re looking for without having to search - The Walter General catalogue is clearly arranged, easily read and readily...

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Lum_rr Contents Indexable inserts Toolholders for turning, grooving and threading Technical information Drilling and boring tools made from solid carbide and HSS Contents Drilling and boring tools Technical information Drilling and boring tools with indexable inserts Drilling and boring tools    C-30 Contents Tools for thread tapping, thread forming and thread milling Technical information Milling    —i General technical information    H-2    H Alphanumeric search index    H-17

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CONTENTS Turning Indexable inserts for turning and grooving Product range overview    A-3 Designation key for ISO indexable inserts    A-4 Walter Select - Turning    A-8 Walter indexable inserts for turning - Carbide    A-15 Walter indexable inserts for turning - CBN and ceramic    A-56 Designation key for cutting inserts    A-62 Walter Select - Grooving    A-64 Walter cutting inserts for grooving    A-69 Walter turning tools    System overview - External machining    A-83 Product range overview - External machining    A-84 Turning toolholders for external machining    A-88 System overview - Internal...

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Product range overview of indexable inserts for turning, grooving and threading ISO turning – Carbide Insert shape ISO turning – CBN and ceramic Description Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Insert shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Positive basic shape Negative basic shape Negative basic...

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Lum_rrERISO 1832 designation key for indexable inserts for turning Example 1 M

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Turning Lui=iLjre:n X Drawing or precise description of indexable insert required. 00 for diameters converted from imperial units to mm M0 for diameters in metric units 8 Edge formation e rj f m t L7 S Chamfer width Chamfer angle 010 = 0,10 mm 020 = 0,20 mm 025 = 0,25 mm 070 = 0,70 mm 150 = 1,50 mm 200 = 2,00 mm

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Geometry designation keys for indexable inserts for turning Geometry index C New geometry index (valid from 09/2011) 12 Chip breaking area F Finishing M Medium machining R Roughing H Heavy cutting 13 Material p Steel M Stainless steel K Cast iron N NF metals S Difficult-to-cut materials H Hard materials | U | Universal Wiper 14 Feed/cut depth within chip-breaking area Chip breaking area Cutting edge type F Finishing S Semi-finishing M Medium machining R Roughing ISO S materials high temperature alloys

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Turning Lui=iLjre:n 1 1. Primary application or coating type P    Steel S Difficult-to-cut materials H    Hard materials coating X    PVD coating materials H    Hard materials

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Step by step to the right indexable insert STEP 1 Determine the material to be machined from page H 8 in the Walter General catalogue 2012. Note the machining group that corresponds to your material e.g.: P10. Code letter STEP 2 Determine the basic shape of the indexable insert: Positive basic shape Negative basic shape double-sided Negative basic shape single-sided --    Cutting    forces [Fc]    + -    ~Feedlf]    + —    Cutting    depth [ap]    + STEP 3Select the machining conditions: A-8

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Turning Lui=iLjre:n STEP 4 Determine the insert geometry via the cutting depth (ap) and the feed (f). Geometries for | P | Steel Stainless steel | K | Cast iron | N | NF metals | S | High temperature alloys | H | Hard materials see page A-10 see page A-11 see page A-12 see page A-14 see page A-13 see page A-14 STEP 5 Overview of catalogue page on which you will find the selected geometry in the relevant basic shape. On the specified catalogue page you will find the cutting tool material recommendation, the feed value (f) and the cutting depth (ap). STEP 6 Choose the cutting data for your selected indexable...

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Walter Select – Steel machining ISO P STEP 4 Determine the indexable insert geometry via the cutting depth (ap) and the feed (f). Negative basic shape single-sided Negative basic shape Positive basic shape You can find more technical information in the Walter General catalogue 2012 from page A 298 onwards. Positive basic shape Negative basic shape double-sided You can find further fields of application for the geometries NM4, NM6, NM9 etc. in the Walter General catalogue from page A 17 onwards. Circumference fully ground Basic shape Overview of catalogue page on which you will find the selected...

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