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Precision-cooling with the Walter G1221-P monoblock boring bar - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Press release Caption: Superlative machining results thanks to optimal cooling effect: The new Walter Cut G1221-P grooving boring bar with sealable second coolant hole for flushing chips out of blind holes. Reliable internal grooving and recessing Precision-cooling with the Walter G1221-P monoblock boring bar Walter is launching a monoblock boring bar with optional second coolant hole for the first time in the form of the new G1221-P grooving boring bar with precision cooling. The bar has 2 coolant exits, one allowing the coolant to exit the insert top clamp directly to the cutting edge in the radial groove, thus giving precision cooling; the other exit at the front of the bar can either be left open to evacuate chips out of a blind bore, or sealed off in when in a through bore, to provide even greater supply to the cutting edge only. An O ring is recessed into the bar clamping diameter to prevent pressure loss and provide leak free coolant supply to the cutting interface; this is particularly advantageous on machines where coolant pressure is low.

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The boring bar is designed for recessing and internal grooving. Together with the new UF8 chip formation geometry, this promises optimum results. Another advantage is that it can be used in both the normal and overhead position. The Walter Cut G1221-P boring bar with insert widths of 2, 3 and 4 mm is suitable for internal grooves from D min = 16 mm and for grooving up to depths of 10 mm in all ISO material groups. A high level of process reliability and productivity, an excellent surface quality and a long tool life make it the first choice when internal grooving and recessing. For more information,...

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