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New performance drivers for machining productivity. - 336 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Walter Product innovations · Edition 2015-1 Derendinger Straße 53, 72072 Tübingen Postfach 2049, 72010 Tübingen Germany www.walter-tools.com Product innovations Edition 2015-1 Turning, drilling, threading, milling Walter GB Ltd. Bromsgrove, England +44 (1527) 839 450, service.uk@walter-tools.com Walter Kesici Takımlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Istanbul, Türkiye +90 (216) 528 1900 Pbx, service.tr@walter-tools.com Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd. Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China +86 (510) 8537 2199, service.cn@walter-tools.com Walter AG Singapore Pte. Ltd. +65 6773 6180, service.sg@walter-tools.com Walter Korea Ltd. Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82 (31) 337 6100, service.kr@walter-tools.com Walter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok, 10120, Thailand +66 2 687 0388, service.th@walter-tools.com Walter Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor D.E., Malaysia +60 (3) 8023 7748, service.my@walter-tools.com Walter Japan K.K. Nagoya, Japan +81 (52) 533 6135, service.jp@walter-tools.com Walter USA, LLC Waukesha WI, USA +1 800-945-5554, service.us@walter-tools.com Walter Canada Mississauga, Canada service.ca@walter-tools.com Subject to changes – Printed in Germany 6932587 (08/2015) EN Walter Tools India Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India +91 (20) 3045 7300, service.in@walter-tools.com New performance drivers for machining product

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ENGINEERING KOMPETENZ: PRODUCTS, PROCESSES AND SOLUTIONS FROM WALTER. Trendsetting solutions for metal machining. That's what Walter stands for. Worldwide. To always raising the company and its customers to a higher level. That is Walter Engineering Kompetenz. This 'concept', which is more a general outlook beyond the immediate present than an attitude towards particular matters of concern, can be seen not only in the precision of the products that Walter manufactures and in the professionalism of the service that Walter provides for its customers, but also in a change perspective that the company...

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3 ways of discovering our innovations. The personal route, by approaching your local contact partner You can contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. The details for getting in touch with your local ­ ontact partner can be found on the back of c this catalogue. Online – via smartphone, tablet or PC “Responsive web design” adapts how websites are displayed on the p ­ articular screen size of the device being used (smartphone, tablet or PC). From now on, you can access and order your Walter ­ roducts p q ­ uickly and conveniently online. The benefit for you: Direct access to our website from any device,...

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Solid carbide drills    94 Solid carbide cutters    170 Face, shoulder and slot mills    204 Cutting tool materials    221 Designation key for rotating adaptors    310 Alphanumeric index Walter worldwide

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Product innovations Edition 2015-1 Turning _ TOOL INNOVATIONS IN TURNING Start turning cost-effectively today. 3

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Walter Turn with precision cooling (-P): Direct, efficient and with spot-on accuracy. NEW 2015 THE TOOL: -P –– Coolant supplied directly through the clamp and along the flank face –– Flexible square-shank coolant connection • Direct guidance of coolant from adaptor to shank tool (via A2120-P / A2121-P adaptor) • Coolant hose set with G1/8˝ thread (K601) –– Tool variants • Square shank 20 / 25 mm • Walter Capto™ C4–C6 –– Machining of stainless material (ISO M), high-temperature alloy (ISO S) and benefits on steel (ISO P) –– Coolant pressure from 10 bar up to a maximum of 150 bar can be used. (Higher...

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NEW TECHNOLOGY: WALTER PRECISION COOLING ② Dual cooling: Increase in tool life from 30–150% thanks to optimal c ­ ooling via rake face (1) and flank face (2). At the effective working area: The precision cooling brings the coolant as close and flatly angled as possible to the effective working area underneath the chip. As a result, significant advantages can be achieved on machines starting from a coolant pressure of 10 bar. Robust: The clamp presses the insert downwards and backwards into the insert seat. Consequently, the insert is not detached from its seat even during heavy roughing o ­ perations...

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Walter A2120-P / A2121-P: VDI adaptors for precision-cooled shank tools. NEW 2015 THE TOOL SYSTEM –– Direct coolant supply through the tool body adaptor into the square shank –– Can be universally used in normal position or in an overhead position thanks to VDI double toothing –– External coolant supply, can be manually closed and sealed –– Maximum clamping force using robust wedge-type clamping system –– No vulnerable sealing rings in the transfer area –– Coolant pressures up to 80 bar –– Variable tool adjustment range –– Square shank sizes of 20 and 25 mm –– VDI 30, VDI 40 and VDI 50 interface ––...

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–– For machines with star turret –– Slim design for lowest interference from the reinforced shank on the tool. –– For machines with disc turret –– Minimal in terms of construction but offering maximum stability EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS A2120-V40-25R-085-P DCLNR2525X12-P “Overhead” installation position THE TOOLS FOR PRECISION COOLING: -P –– Walter Turn ISO turning toolholder with precision cooling, e.g. DCLNR2525X12-P –– Walter Cut grooving tools with precision cooling, e.g. G1011.2525L-5T21GX24-P A2121-V40-25L-085-P G1011.2525R-6T21GX24-P “Overhead” installation position BENEFITS FOR...

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Walter PVD-coated Tiger·tec® Silver – WSM10S, WSM20S, WSM30S: Cutting m ­ aterials with maximum toughness and wear resistance, with PVD Al2O3 coating. NEW 2015 THE CUTTING MATERIAL –– Maximum cutting material toughness thanks to minimal i ­nduction of thermal stress with the newly developed coating process for the cutting materials WSM10S, WSM20S and WSM30S –– PVD aluminium oxide (Al2O3) protects the substrate against heat entry during machining –– Reduced friction during machining due to extremely smooth rake face –– Maximum wear and temperature resistance when machining stainless steels and...

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