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Product handbook Milling _ SILVER, BLACK, STRONG

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Cutting tool materials with the Tiger-tec® technology brand are setting the standard in machining again and again, in terms of productivity and process stability. With the new cutting tool material Tiger-tec®Silver, the engineers at Walter have moved another great step closer to the ideal cutting tool material. Tiger-tec®Silver is ideal for dry and wet machining of steel and cast iron materials, and is at home in important key sectors: the automotive industry and rail vehicle manufacturing, power engineering, the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and in mould and die making.

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2 The new technology 6 Applications and examples 12 Application chart 34 Technical information 34 Cutting data for milling 38 Feed rate specification 54 Application-specific data 68 Description of indexable insert geometry 76 Calculation Formulae 78 Problem solving

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Extremely stable cutting edges for high level of process reliability Extremely smooth rake face for excellent tribochemical wear resistance Silver coloured flank face for extremely easy wear detection during use

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UNiqUe ThroUghoUT The world With its globally unique CVD coating technology, the cutting tool material Tiger·tec®Silver is forging ahead into new dimensions. In day-to-day manufacturing, this means that increases in output of up to 100 % are possible in machining. Other features of Tiger·tec®Silver: – Enormous toughness and minimal formation of hairline cracks thanks to optimum residual strength – Greatly reduced tribochemical wear thanks to perfect, smooth rake faces – Not susceptible to thermal stress variations during wet and dry machining Completely new CVD coating technology: –...

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Tiger·tec®Silver The new technology HIGH lEVEl Of WEAR RESISTANCE A close-up view of the cutting edges shows it clearly: the new cutting tool material Tiger·tec®Silver can easily handle even the most difficult machining conditions thanks to its new, revolutionary coating. Hairline cracks, such as those that occur at high cutting speeds, with interrupted cuts and difficult cutting conditions in particular, are decisively reduced with Tiger·tec®Silver indexable inserts. In the example shown, heat treatable steel 42CrMo4 was milled twice, with the existing insert and with the new...

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PRODUCT PROPERTIES: Performance increase of up to 100 % - thanks to excellent wear behaviour combined with extreme toughness Excellent cutting and swarf evacuation behaviour - thanks to extremely smooth rake faces Resistant to deformation and oxidation wear - thanks to the new type of aluminium oxide coating High level of resistance to flank face wear - thanks to fine-grained, columnar, average temperature titanium carbonitride New dimension in the toughness to wear resistance ratio - thanks to the new type of coating technology BENEFITS FOR YOU: Low production costs - higher cutting speeds...

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Tiger·tec®Silver Applications and examples THE APPlICATION With the new Tiger·tec®Silver technology, there is also completely new surface treatment in addition to the special coating combination. Due to the optimal residual stresses, the toughness of the wear-resistant Tiger·tec®Silver cutting tool material increases exponentially. It is this combination of a high level of wear resistance and toughness that gives Tiger·tec®Silver superior machining performance. Temperature resistance Tiger·tec®Silver Tiger·tec® WAlTER GRADE DESIGNATION w K P 35 S Tiger·tec®Silver Application range Primary...

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MATERIAl: STEEl (ISO P) Temperature resistance Toughness MATERIAl: CAST IRON (ISO K) Temperature resistance WKP 35 S Primary application: all steel materials at medium to high cutting speeds and medium to high feeds per tooth. For unfavourable conditions, e.g. wet machining, fluctuating material removal or long projection length. Primary application: spheroidal graphite cast iron or ADI materials at low to medium cutting speeds and medium to high feeds per tooth. For unfavourable conditions, e.g. wet machining, fluctuating material removal or aggressive interrupted cuts. Tiger·tec®Silver

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Workpiece material: Tool: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material: with coolant 1 inner surface Cutting data: vc [m/min] fz [mm] vf [mm/min] ap[mm] ae [mm] Tool life quantity Tiger-tec®Silver 400 0.2 2425 1.5 - 3 60 with coolant 2 inner surfaces Benefits for you: - high level of process stability despite unstable weld design; holes and weld seams are also milled in some areas - lower tool costs Comparison in tool life of inner surfaces [pieces]

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Example 2: guide tracks (face milling) Workpiece material: St52-2 (1.0570), ISO P (Unalloyed Structural Steel) Tool: F4080 / Z8 / dia. 125 Indexable insert: ODHT0605ZZN-F57 Cutting tool material: WKP35S vc [m/min] fz [mm] vf [mm/min] ap [mm] ae [mm] Tool life [m] Benefits for you: – reduced tool costs thanks to doubled service life – machine capacity increased thanks to 26 % higher feed rate feed rate comparison [mm/min]

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Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Tool: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material: Cutting data: vc [m/min] fz [mm] vf [mm/min] ap[mm] ae [mm] Tool life [m] Benefits for you: - a complete component can be reliably machined - lower tool costs Tool life comparison [m]

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Example 4: brake caliper (circular face milling) Workpiece material: GGG50 (0.7050), ISO K (Nodular Iron) Tool: F4042R / Z7 / dia. 50 Indexable insert: ADMT10T308R-F56 Cutting tool material: WKP35S Cutting data: Competitor 160 0.215 1533 1.5 25 without coolant Tool life quantity [pieces] 800 Benefits for you: – reduction in CPP (cost per part) – low tool costs thanks to longer tool life – high level of process reliability Tool life quantity comparison [pieces]

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