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Industry-specific solutions Energy - 9 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Derendinger StraRe 53, 72072 Tubingen Postfach 2049, 72010 Tubingen Germany walter-tools.com _| iLum_jre:REngineering Kompetenz Industry-specific solutions Energy EXPERTISE IN ENERGY APPLICATIONS With energy into the future. % CD cn ru Walter GB Ltd. Bromsgrove, England +44 (1527) 839 450, service.uk@walter-tools.com Walter Kesici Takimlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. §ti. Istanbul, Turkiye +90 (0) 216 528 1900 Pbx, service.tr@walter-tools.com Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd. Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China +86 (510) 853 72199, service.cn@walter-tools.com Walter AG Singapore Pte. Ltd. +65 6773 6180, service.sg@walter-tools.com Walter Korea Ltd. Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82 (31) 337 6100, service.kr@walter-tools.com Walter Tools India Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India +91 (20) 3045 7300, service.in@walter-tools.com Walter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok, 10120, Thailand +66 2 687 0388, service.th@walter-tools.com Walter Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor D.E., Malaysia +60 (3) 5624 4265, service.my@walter-tools.com Walter Japan K.K. Nagoya, Japan +81 (52) 533 6135, service.jp@walter-tools.com Walter USA, LLC Waukesha WI, USA +1 800-945-5554, service.us@walter-tools.com Walter Canada Mississauga, Canada service.ca@walter-tools.com _ in

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COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF COMPONENTS for your machining tasks Cleaner, more precise and more efficient: The requirements placed on the energy industry are constantly increasing, which in turn places greater demands on the manufacturers of systems and components for energy production. New technologies require new tools and machining processes. The same applies to new materials and complex component geometries. “Energy components” are also extremely expensive due to their often enormous size and long machining times. Errors during machining usually have extremely expensive consequences. Machining...

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TURBINE HOUSING Alloy and cast steels Manufacturing housings for energy production systems is precision work involving many time-consuming process steps. The complete solutions we offer for all process stages involved in machining operations in the power generation industry are highly efficient. We provide you with the right tool for each individual step: For milling, drilling, threading and turning. Walter solutions reduce tool change and chip-to-chip times to a minimum without compromising on quality. At the same time, the number of clamping operations and, consequently, non-productive times...

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ELECTRICAL SHAFT Alloy steel Generators have to convert the rotational energy of turbines into electrical power with the greatest possible efficiency. To do so, the core piece of generators, the electrical shaft, must be manufactured with extreme precision. This is no easy task, as generators are up to 15 m long and weigh more than 200 t – with main winding grooves up to 250 mm deep and up to 9 m long. With Walter’s tool and machining concept, winding grooves can be roughed and finished in a single pass. This is supplemented by comprehensive standard and customer-specific solutions for manufacturing...

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MODULAR BELL-TYPE MILLING CUTTER M2471 ROUND INSERT MILLING CUTTER Alloy steel Difficult-to-machine materials YOUR APPLICATION YOUR APPLICATION Roughing and semi-finish machining curved fir-tree grooves Roughing the blade root, turbine blade and blade head Walter M2471 round insert milling cutter Modular bell-type milling cutter Eight precision cartridge seats Construction: Modular cartridge system Eight usable cutting edges (four per side) Patented tool concept The user requires just one new cartridge set to change over to a new profile; the basic body remains the same Basic insert for cartridges...

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THERMAL SHAFT TURBINE BLADE Alloy steel Difficult-to-machine materials Turbine blades are exposed to extremely high thermal and physical stresses: A turbine blade at full load covers up to 500 m/s. This corresponds to a centripetal acceleration of 160,000 m/s2 with centrifugal forces of around 550 t. Only difficult-tomachine materials, such as Inconel or similar super Thermal shafts are fitted in steam turbines. They are often around 10 m long and weigh over 100 t. It often takes months to machine them, with up to 20 t of chips being produced. Machining this type of stainless-steel shaft is generally...

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MAINFRAME Ductile cast iron The mainframe is the central component of the generator nacelle on a wind turbine. The transmission, rotor bearing and bearing for the tower connection are flanged onto it. The power generator is installed on the generator frame. Mainframes weigh up to 70 t and are subjected to permanent and high dynamic loads. Their manufacture must meet the most rigorous quality and safety requirements. We meet these high requirements with our highly precise tools for drilling and milling. YOUR APPLICATION Roughing the bearing surfaces and rear faces YOUR APPLICATION Roughing the...

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ROTOR HUB Ductile cast iron The rotor hub is the interface between the rotor and the drivetrain. The bearings for the enormous rotor blades are bolted onto it. It is part of the rotor and closely linked to the mechanical drivetrain at the same time, as all of the rotor forces and torques are virtually concentrated in this component. The stresses to which they are exposed are correspondingly high. A completely robust machining process is essential for the fault-free manufacture of operational rotor hubs for wind turbines. YOUR APPLICATION Producing threads YOUR APPLICATION Circular interpolation...

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KAPLAN BLADES Manganese-nickel steel or chromium-nickel steel Kaplan turbines are water turbines against which water flows in an axial direction and which have a degree of efficiency of 80-95 %. They were developed by Viktor Kaplan, based on the Francis turbine, and are particularly suitable for large hydraulic power stations located on calm bodies of water. Their adjustable wheel is similar to a ship’s propeller. To manufacture them, Walter provides powerful metal cutting tools and ideally matched machining processes. YOUR APPLICATION Roughing external diameters on the blade flange YOUR APPLICATION YOUR...

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