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Industry-specific solutions - Aerospace - 11 Pages

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Industry-specific solutions - Aerospace
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Catalog excerpts

Derendinger StraRe 53, 72072 Tubingen Postfach 2049, 72010 Tubingen Germany aerospace.walter walter-tools.com _| iLum_jre:REngineering Kompetenz industry-specific solutions Aerospace _EXPERTISE IN AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS Achieve ambitious goals with ease. Walter GB Ltd. Bromsgrove, England +44 (1527) 839 450, service.uk@walter-tools.com Walter Kesici Takimlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. §ti. Istanbul, Turkiye +90 (0) 216 528 1900 Pbx, service.tr@walter-tools.com Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd. Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China +86 (510) 853 72199, service.cn@walter-tools.com Walter AG Singapore Pte. Ltd. +65 6773 6180, service.sg@walter-tools.com Walter Korea Ltd. Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82 (31) 337 6100, service.kr@walter-tools.com Walter Tools India Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India +91 (20) 3045 7300, service.in@walter-tools.com Walter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok, 10120, Thailand +66 2 687 0388, service.th@walter-tools.com Walter Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor D.E., Malaysia +60 (3) 5624 4265, service.my@walter-tools.com Walter Japan K.K. Nagoya, Japan +81 (52) 533 6135, service.jp@walter-tools.com Walter USA, LLC Waukesha WI, USA +1 800-945-5554, service.us@walter-tools.com Walter Canada Mississauga, Canada service.ca@walter-tools.com _ in

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COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF COMPONENTS for your machining tasks Any discussion on machining in the aerospace industry inevitably involves high-tech solutions and innovations. This is because the ability to machine new materials with a high level of process reliability and precision is not the only thing that matters – the development of technically and economically viable solutions is of equal importance. With ­ alter’s W Engineering Kompetenz, you can rest assured that innovative product ideas can be developed into c ­ ompetitive series-production solutions. Walter offers you the most comprehensive...

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ENGINE HOUSING Nickel-based alloy Turbine housings are designed for maximum stability. They are therefore manufactured using materials such as Inconel, titanium alloys or Waspaloy. Nickel-based alloys in particular are very difficult to machine due to their high toughness and temperature stability. In addition, it must be ensured that finishing work does not cause any structural changes or damage to the edge zones. Multi-axis turn/mill centres and vertical turret lathes are primarily used for machining these materials. Our turning, milling, drilling and threading tools enable you to machine engine...

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TURBINE DISC Nickel-based alloy Turbine discs are engine components manufactured from titanium 64 or heat-resistant high-temperature alloys such as Inconel 718 and Udimet 720. These complex workpieces with chambers and grooves are rarely easily accessible. For this reason, our aerospace specialists develop individual machining solutions according to the shape of the component. Our focus is on ensuring that implementation of these solutions is cost-effective and reliable – which is where our cutting tools and processes can prove their worth. This enables you to carry out extremely cost-effective...

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DOOR C FRAME AREA Titanium Door frame areas refer to areas in the aircraft fuselage that surround cargo doors and passenger doors. These components are important for safety, and must compensate for the structural weaknesses created as a result of openings in the aircraft fuselage. For this reason, these frames not only need to be precisely manufactured, but also must not warp, even under heavy load. They are therefore mainly made of titanium. In order to prevent crack propagation, the titanium is beta-annealed, which significantly increases tool wear. The frames are also designed in lengths of...

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M2131 RAMPING MILLING CUTTER M3255 PORCUPINE MILLING CUTTER YOUR APPLICATION YOUR APPLICATION Rough milling and semi-finishing of pockets generating high chip volumes Roughing (slot, corner, profile and pocket milling) of titanium alloys Walter M2131 ramping milling cutter Walter BLAXX M3255 porcupine milling cutter Four cutting edges on the leading insert Integrated centrifugal force protection for maximum rotational speed Two cutting edges on the face insert Precision balanced basic body Through coolant for MQL and emulsion WSM45X grade specifically developed for titanium alloys Powered by Tiger·tec®...

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LANDING GEAR MOUNTS Titanium alloy Landing gear mounts are complex structural components that are situated horizontally in the wing structure above the landing gear. These elements connect the wing and the landing gear and act as a shock absorber in conjunction with the main cylinder of the landing gear. These are solid forged components with numerous 3-axis and 5-axis pockets, and mainly consist of titanium alloys. Machining titanium The wing ribs are structural components within the wing. Together with the longerons, they form the frame for the wing skin. Wing ribs are predominantly manufactured...

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LANDING GEAR – MAIN CYLINDER High-alloy steels (300M, 4340) The landing gear main cylinder cushions impacts during landing and enables the landing gear to be extended and retracted. The number and size of this central element may vary depending on the size of the aircraft. However, all landing gear main cylinders must always meet the highest safety standards. For this reason, only a small number of materials are suitable for producing these components, mainly titanium alloys and high-alloy steels such as 300M. However, the material is not the only demanding aspect of these components, as their...

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STRUT Titanium One of the major components of any aircraft is the landing gear. It absorbs the enormous forces on take-off and especially during landing. Besides the engine, the components used here are subject to the strictest demands in terms of reliability and functionality under extreme conditions. The strut provides the landing gear with support against the longitudinal movement of the wheel. It is positioned in the middle of the landing gear and enables it to be retracted into the aircraft fuselage. There are particular challenges when machining this component as a result of the material:...

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