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_ new cutting materials for turning and milling Tiger-tec® Silver now also for turning: new ISO P generation More bite, more force, more tiger. Ti ger-tecfSilver

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_ SILVER, BLACK, STRONGER Tiger·tec® Silver: The benchmark. GLOBALLY UNIQUE: THE TECHNOLOGY Since the introduction of CVD coating technology which is globally unique, Tiger·tec® Silver has been determining the direction in which machining is heading, with increases in performance of up to 100 %. The essential benefits of the new technology in turning and milling: –– enormous toughness due to optimum residual stress –– reduction in machining time through the use of aluminium oxide with optimised microstructure –– greatly reduced tribochemical wear due to perfect, smooth rake faces –– not...

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Milling insert NEW: Mechanical post-treatment Unique residual stress condition, increased process reliability Watch product animation: Scan QR code or go directly to NEW: Extremely smooth rake face for optimum tribochemical wear resistance Turning insert NEW: Silver flank face Indicator layer for extremely easy wear detection NEW: Aluminium oxide with optimised microstructure 50 % higher tool life under c ­ onditions of crater wear, reduction of machining time NEW: Mechanical post-treatment Unique residual stress condition, increased process reliability NEW: ISO P...

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_ EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGIES Machining solution for key sectors. Knowledge, experience and the ability to listen carefully are basic requirements for efficient machining solutions in metal cutting. Our engineering specialists are familiar with the most varied industry sectors for decades. Varied industry know-how is not simply a slogan for us. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: e.g. ball pivots Average performance increases of 75 % are achieved by the high-tech Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool material. With this material, our engineers are able to develop even more efficient and even more...

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Wear resistance TIGER·TEC® SILVER TECHNOLOGY In addition to the special coating c ­ ombination, the unique technology of Tiger·tec® Silver also includes a completely new surface treatment. Because of the optimal residual stress, the toughness of the Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool material increases disproportionately. Wear resistance is increased by the new aluminium oxide with optimised microstructure. It is this combination of a high level of wear resistance and toughness which gives the Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool material such superior power in m ­ achining. Tiger·tec® Silver...

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Tiger-tec® Silver - ISO P generation: New cutting tool materials plus new geometries! The unique Tiger-tec® Silver CVD coating in combination with the completely new geometry family for an even greater variety of applications, makes the innovative performance miracle in turning of steel even more efficient. Within the Tiger-tec® Silver ISO P generation, four geometries have been developed in parallel, synchronised with each other, the application area has been enlarged by 20 to 40 % in comparison to previous geometries. The result: The entire area of application in machining steel has been...

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Field of applications for new ISO P geometries FP5 GEOMETRY: Finishing, steel MP3 GEOMETRY: Medium machining long-chipping steel materials MP5 GEOMETRY*: Medium machining steel materials in general RP5 GEOMETRY*: Roughing, steel Finishing, gear shaft – without bird nesting Roughing of forged ball joints Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material: Tool: Workpiece material: Tensile strength: Indexable insert: Cutting tool material: Tool: Cutting data Cutting data Competition 245 m/min 0.3 mm 0.8 mm 450 parts Tiger·tec® Silver WPP10S 245 m/min 0.3 mm 0.8 mm...

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Paired together, Tiger-tec® Silver WKP25S and WKP35S make a powerful team: The new grade WKP25S and the commercially successful grade WKP35S win people over due to their extreme hardness, high temperature resistance and great toughness. The reason for these outstanding properties is the globally unique CVD aluminium oxide coating. The quite special surface treatment gives those cutting tool materials additional process reliability at medium and extremely high cutting speeds. Tiger-tec® Silver

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1st main application: All steel materials with high cutting speeds and medium feeds per tooth. Strong even under unfavourable conditions, e.g. during wet machining or when cutting high tensile strength material. 1st main application: All steel materials at medium to high cutting speeds and medium to high feeds per tooth. For unfavourable conditions, e.g. wet machining, fluctuating material removal or long projection length. 2nd main application: Milling of grey cast iron or cast iron with vermicular graphite at medium to high cutting speeds and medium tooth feed rates. For unfavourable...

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_ WALTER TOOLS & MORE Smarter machining with the Walter app. With the new Walter app Tools & More, we make the daily machining work of smart phone owners (Android and iPhone®) much easier. The new app is free of charge, available in 23 languages and guides the user quickly and simply to the correct cutting data. With Tools & More on their smartphone, users can make detailed calculations on cutting data and cost efficiency. The user-friendly interface guides the user to the right menu every time.

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The following values can be found for all operations: Torque, drive output, metal removal rate, essential operating time, main cutting force and average chip thickness. This facility is available for shoulder, face and slot milling, for drilling and counterboring and for ISO turning and grooving. When calculations are made, the material group, rake angle, efficiency factor and wear factor are always taken into account. When calculating cost efficiency, the costs per component in terms of indexable inserts, tool bodies, machine and presetting hours can be compared for two tool solutions in...

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