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Contract manufacturing for rods and bars - 11 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Contract manufacturing for rods and bars Finishing lines Altena and Unna

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Contract manufacturing at VDM Metals Contract manufacturing at VDM Metals    3 Plants and parameters Heat treatment equipment    Altena    4 Heat treatment equipment    Unna    6 Color penetrant testing system    13 VDM Metals is one of the leading manufacturers of corrosion and heat-resistant nickel and cobalt alloys as well as high alloyed special stainless steels. In addition to our semi-finished products, we offer contract manufacturing in nearly all areas of our production operations - melting and remelting, hot and cold rolling and a wide range of plant services involving finishing work. In...

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VDM Metals Year of construction Min./max.    [mm] infeed height Min./max.    [mm] infeed width infeed diameter NADCAP NADCAP NADCAP ture uniformity annealing temperature

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VDM Metals Furnace 1    Furnace 2 Chamber furnace Chamber furnace Year of construction Max. unit weight    [kg] Min./max. infeed length    [mm] Min./max. outfeed length [mm] Approvals NADCAP    NADCAP Furnace class    (Class) Number of control zones [Number] Length of the workspace [mm] Width of the workspace [mm] Height of the workspace [mm] temperature Min. heating output    [°C/h] Max. cooling output    [°C/h] Useable length of the    [mm] cooling basin Useable length of the    [mm] cooling basin (with traverse) Cooling medium    (Type) Water

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Peeling bench Peeling bench Rotary peeling Calow    Bultmann    machine SMS Altena    Altena    Unna infeed diameter Min./max. out-    [mm]    30/120    10/100    80/325 feed diameter depending on material and surface depending on the material properties, tolerances of < h9 can be reached

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VDM Metals VDM Metals 11 Rotary units HACO/ FAT -1-4 Location    Unna Min./max. infeed diameter    [mm]    100/700 Max. infeed diameter for lunette    [mm]    100/300 Min./max. infeed length    [mm]    500/6.500 Removal per pass on diameter (max.) [mm]    16 Average surface roughness [Ra]    [pm]    > 1,5 Tolerance diameter    [mm]    +/- 0,1

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Pickling facilities Straightening Blasting system Color penetrant testing system

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VDM Metals VDM Metals 15 Cutting    Cutting    Saw 1 system    system    (Behringer Year of construction Min./max. infeed [mm] height Min./max. infeed [mm] width Min./max. infeed [mm] diameter Min./max. outlet [mm] height Min./max. outlet [mm] width Min./max. out-feed diameter Max. unit weight [kg] Min./max. infeed [mm] length Min./max. out- [mm] feed length Grinding stone [mm] width/diameter

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VDM Metals VDM Metals 17 Year of construction Min./max. in- [mm] feed diameter feed diameter Average surface [pm]    < 0,72    0,12-2    > 0,8 cutting wheel width/diameter

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US system    US system Location Year of construction Min./max.    [mm] infeed height Min./max.    [mm] infeed width Min./max.    [mm] infeed diameter Max. unit    [kg] weight Min./max.    [mm] infeed length Notes: Altena    Unna Flaw size “ERG" Only testing of min. 1.6 mm; round material Eddy current and crack testing possible Testing possible according to DIN EN, ASME and NADCAP.

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Your contact person Inquiries Uwe Schneider Vice President Business Development Phone +49 2392 55 2862 uwe.schneider@vdm-metals.com Altena Technology Unna Technology Lars Michalowski Head of Rod and Bar Production Unna Phone +49 2303 673 4337 lars.michalowski@vdm-metals.com Headquarters VDM Metals International GmbH Plettenberger Straße 2 58791 Werdohl Germany Phone +49 (0) 2392 55-0 Fax +49 (0) 2392 55-2217 vdm@vdm-metals.com www.vdm-metals.com Copyright 11/2016 by VDM Metals International GmbH, Werdohl, Germany Markus Fritz Head of Rod and Bar Production Altena Phone +49 2392 55 2017 markus.fritz@vdm-metals.com

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