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Alloys for the Nuclear Power Industry - 12 Pages

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Alloys for the Nuclear Power Industry
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Catalog excerpts

Tough demands are our business Founded in 1930, VDM Metals developed into a world market leader for high-performing metallic materials covering the widest product and service portfolio in the industry. The quality of our products and services bases on our integrated production chain in Germany and the United States and a sales network that spans the globe servicing the most demanding industries backed by a strong R&D and Application Engineering force. VDM Metals produces high-performance alloys for the use in extreme conditions – high temperatures, icy waters, soaring heights and deep underground....

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Materials and applications Plant construction and design Nuclear island Nuclear reactors use nuclear fuel which undergoes a fission process – the splitting of atoms – to produce heat. Using light water as primary fluid, the heat is transported either directly to the turbine or to a steam generator interfacing the primary and a secondary loop. Resistance to Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC) is one of the most important requirements for the materials used in the steam generator and the related tubing systems. Only very few materials meet these high requirements: VDM Metals delivers...

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Plant operation Fuel rod assemblies Fuel rods are usually bundled into fuel rod assemblies. These fuel structures need to maintain their shape and integrity over a period of several years within the reactor core, thereby preventing the leakage of fission products into the reactor coolant. The physical structures for holding the fuel rods are therefore engineered with extremely tight tolerances. They must be resistant to chemical corrosion, high temperatures, large static loads, vibration, fluid and mechanical impacts. Yet they must also be as neutron-transparent as possible. Spacer grids and fasteners...

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High temperature and wet corrosion resistant materials Wet corrosion resistant materials VDM® Alloy VdTUV data sheet 516 VdTUV data sheet 400 VdTUV data sheet 499 * Type B1, B2 and B3 can be supplied on request/after clarification of order details.

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VDM® Alloy VdTÜV data sheet 505 N06058 Alloys for highly demanding chemical and high temperature processes High temperature resistant materials VDM® Alloy VdTÜV data sheet 412 ASTM-B/ASME-SB-408 VdTÜV data sheet 434 VdTÜV data sheet 412 DIN EN 10302 VdTÜV data sheet 305 VdTÜV data sheet 540

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Nuclear projects are characterized by high standards in terms of product safety and reliability, requiring partners with know-how and expertise. VDM Metals has more than 80 years of experience in designing and producing materials of the highest quality standards. The company operates production sites in Germany and the United States, covering the majority of important production steps - from melting to hot forming to cold forming. Melting and casting VDM’s nickel alloys and special stainless steels are melted in an electric arc furnace and then subjected to vacuum treatment. A ladle furnace is...

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Rods and bars For the production of forged bars with a diameter of more than 4.72 in (120 mm) and semi-finished products, state of the art turning lathes, peeling and grinding machines are available. The production of hot-rolled and forged bars with a diam­ eter of less than 4.72 in (120 mm) is performed with modern peeling and grinding machines. A 60-tonne drawing bench is available for the manufacture of cold-drawn precision bars. Wire and welding consumables A broad portfolio of wires completes VDM Metals’ offering: VDM produces wire in fine and ultra-fine gauges down to a diameter of 0.0004...

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Comprehensive customer support Customer relationships with VDM Metals mean access to a variety of first class services – services that really make the difference. Application Engineering From selecting the right materials to any request on specifications, properties and fabrication characteristics – VDM’s Application Engineering team will be more than happy to provide you with prompt answers and support, relying on their technical and metallurgical background and experience in all fabrication matters of VDM’s materials. Welding Competence Center With our state-of-the-art welding Competence Center...

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1. General VDM Metals GmbH makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information and data contained in this brochure are accurate. 2. Liability exclusion Any liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided is excluded. All statements provided in this brochure about the properties or use of products or materials mentioned in this brochure are intended only for the purposes of product description and information. Guarantees regarding particular properties of products or materials and their suitability for specific applications require a written...

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VDM Metals USA, LLC 306 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, NJ 07932 USA Phone +1 973 437-1664 Fax +1 973 236-1960 vdmusasales@vdm-metals.com www.vdm-metals.com Copyright 05/2015 by VDM Metals GmbH, Werdohl, Germany VDM Metals GmbH Plettenberger Straße 2 58791 Werdohl Germany

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