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SOLUTIONS WITH VISOR® SOFTWARE    P 4 VISOR® supervision software    p 6 Additional modules for VISOR®    p 7 Other additional modules for VISOR®    p 8 VERSO+® range and extension modules    p 9 SOOTOUCH® IP range    p 10 DIGITOUCH® BIOMETRIC range    p 10 Additional DIGITOUCH® MINI, DIGITOUCH®and VERSO+® products    p 11 Centralised biometric solutions accessories    p 12 CNIL legislation    p 12 SMART INTEGO® Online Solutions electronic lock cylinders and escutcheons p 13 APERIO® Online Solutions electronic lock cylinders and escutcheons    p 14 APERIO® Offline Solutions electronic lock...

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P 26 HID® 13.56 MHz and multi-frequency readers STID® 13.56 MHz readers Applications for NFC® and BLUETOOTH® virtual badges dedicated to SMARTPHONES and APPLE WATCH 125 kHz readers and keypads Card / Reader compatibility table Cards and Badges iCLASS® and DESFIRE® formats Accessories for readers and controllers RF range UHF range UHF range accessories TYPICAL SYSTEMS AND SERVICES P 38 Typical systems Services Notes

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Multi-station management Multi-site management - SQL Multi language Web management with VISOR® WEB IOS / ANDROID Smartphone management1 m IPad Management1 Zone Management from a Smartphone ANDROID1 Video Server Management Intrusion control Visual displays Number plate management (alhua TECHNOLOGY HIKVISION milestone OiEi art ”    ▼ IP Surveillance System CICAMEDiA Audio functions Dynamic display SOLUTIONS WITH VISOR® SOFTWARE - WWWVAUBAN-SYSTEMS.FR Avalable in English langage from May 2017

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Automatic import from Active Directory Automatic export of queries Events Acknowledgment Video doubt removal Send mails on events Daybook Automatic backup Manager's log Honeywell RISC© Zone management Lift management Multi-company management Visitor management with reservation by VISOR®WEB Random codes management Time and attendance management Attendance management Remote help with TEAMVIEWER PRO Custom shortcuts Card print-out modeling * All Vauban Systems products carry a 5 year warranty, except for displays and sensors (1 year) SOLUTIONS WITH VISOR® SOFTWARE - WWWVAUBAN-SYSTEMS.FR

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VISOR LIGHT VISOR-10 + Access control, Video and Intrusion supervision software. + SQL Server/Access database + Web Management    For a + Video Interface    maximum of + Access control, Video and Intrusion supervision software. + SQL Server/Access database + Web Management + Video Interface + Complete with Dongle + Access control, Video and Intrusion supervision software. + SQL Server/Access database + Web Management + Video Interface + Complete with Dongle + Access control, Video and Intrusion supervision software. + SQL Server/Access database + Web Management + Video Interface + Complete...

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Intrusion Module for Galaxy Dimension HONEYWELL®, BENTEL® ABSOLUTA® and LIGHTSYS® RISCO® + Module for managing Intrusion through VISOR® by arming/desarming groups as well from synoptic as user’s badge. + Automatic management of groups with pre-alarm and alarm report. * requires V-EXT-INT - specific extension module for VERSO+® MOD-AFFICHAGE Dynamic display management module provided with Ethernet and HDMI interface allowing personalized messages display from VISOR® + Custom sequences + Custom Transitions + Can display images, photos, text, SQL requests, persons present in the zone and...

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OTHER ADDITIONAL MODULES FOR VISOR® MOD-LEC MOBILE Management module for using Smartphones as mobile readers for VISOR® + Requires an ANDROID-NFC-NXP smartphone + Manages entrances and exits + Checks identities MOD-OFFLINE 1 door licence for APERIO® OFFLINE - see page + For APERIO OFF LINE solutionsDIGIUSB 12 MIFARE badge update through + or BORNE ACTUALISATRICE (online update terminal device). management + Time slot management Black-list + Events list (MIFARE 4K badge is required) + ® MOD-LPR Number plate management module + VISOR with SURVISION cameras for ® PACK-MICROPAK SURVISION CAMERA...

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VERSO+® RANGE AND EXTENSION MODULES VERSO+ Also available as a wall-mounted unit with 220V, 5A power supply TCP/IP control unit with 2 readers programmable either with VISOR® supervision software or through Embedded Web server see « Solution without software with the VERSO+®» p18 2 readers + TCP/IP control unit withallowing management up to 42 readers + Embedded web server (Free license up to 4 readers; otherwise provide VERSO WEB-10 and VERSO WEB-42) RS485, Wiegand and Clock&Data multi-protocols 50000 users , 15000 events RS485 bus for connecting V-EXT4+®, V-EXTIO®, V-EXT-INT® and...

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SOOTOUCH® IP 1 door programmable TCP/IP control unit with VISOR® supervision software + 1 door TCP/IP control unit + 15,000 users + For HID® and STID® RS485 readers + Built-in alarm relay + Supply voltage 12V DC Compatible with ANSSI (SSCP2) compliant secure readers - see page 27 DIGITOUCH® BIOMETRIC RANGE DIGITOUCH® MINI C Centralised biometric solution for 500 users Card + fingerprint operation with CNIL Declaration of Conformity DIGIT MINI C 3K + + + + + + + + + + Mini biometric reader with remote SOOTOUCH® IP control programmed by VISOR® Built-in MIFARE® reader - MORPHO® 500 user...

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