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Design, Optimization, and Process Integration Software VisualDOC is a multidisciplinary design, optimization, and process integration software. It is a tool for design process definition, integration, execution, and automation. The design modules included are Optimization, Design of Experiments, Response Surface Approximation, and Probabilistic (Robust and Reliability-based) Analysis. VisualDOC can be used to add these modules to almost any analysis program. VisualDOC graphical user interface allows the user to easily create a connected work-flow of components and configure them. It’s features include comprehensive concurrent monitoring and visualization tools, storage and reuse of generated simulation data for post-processing, full debugging support for model execution, and the ability to interactively inspect and monitor the design process. VisualDOC also supports batch-mode execution and provides programmatic access to all the included design modules. It can integrate with Excel, Matlab, various CAE software, and user-defined libraries and executables. OpƟmizaƟon Response Surface ApproximaƟon ProbabilisƟc Analysis SyntheƟc Responses SimulaƟon Monitors SDM/SQL Database Increase efficiency ● Automate your processes ● Reduce design cycle time ● Increase product reliability Used by engineers worldwide Get your products to market faster ● From concept to preliminary design to detailed design, to manufacture Share and leverage design data ● Share information and data for better decision making Combine data from multiple disciplines ● Perform trade-off studies ● Identify importa

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Capabilities • Task management (versions) • Powerful & flexible auto-complete • Full parameterization • Synthetics for analytic functions • Multi-dimensional arrays • Large data support • Remote execution • Batch/cyclic/conditional execution • Execute only a part of a model • Break-points for debugging • Start/stop/pause model execution • Import/export/reuse simulation data • SQL database support with indexing • Multi-level opt/doe/rsa/prob etc. Process Integration Parallel Simulation • Import/Export components in and out of visualDOC • Direct communication with MS Excel and Matlab •...

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VisualDOC Design Modules Optimization ● State-of-the-art DOT and BIGDOT optimizers ● Non-traditional optimizers such as NSGA-II Response Surface Optimization ● Optimization technique + DOE design + Approximation method ● Approximate model continuously Design of Experiments (DOE) ● 10+ types of DOE designs including userdefined ● Non-standard design space defined by relationships between design variables ● Approximations from generated DOE ● Surrogate modeling for optimization Sample Applications ● Very few function evaluations Probabilistic Analysis ● Large number of probability...

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Concurrent Monitoring • Real-time visual feedback • Can add any number of simulation monitors before/during/after a simulation • Textual, tabular, and graphical visualization • Large number of plot types (2D, 3D, line, scatter, surface, frequency, correlation, matrix, and more) Post Processing • Summary reports, design point tables, etc. • Interactive post-processors (set analysis, approximation viewers, etc.) Other vr&d Products GENESIS - Structural Analysis & Optimization genesis is a fully integrated finite element analysis and optimization software. Analyses include static, normal...

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