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GENESIS Structural Design Optimization Software

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GENESIS Structural Design Optimization Software GENESIS® is a fully integrated structural finite element analysis and design optimization software package. Analysis capabilities include: static, normal modes, direct and modal frequency analysis, random response analysis, heat transfer, and system buckling calculations. Design optimization is based on the advanced approximation concepts approach to find an optimum design efficiently and reliably. Actual optimization is performed by the well established DOT and BIGDOT optimizers, also from VR&D. Design capabilities include: topology, shape, sizing, topography, topometry and freeform optimization. • Fast, reliable and accurate finite element analysis. • GENESIS provides improved designs at reduced cycle times. • Topology optimization at early stage of design. • Reliability Based Optimization • Multimodal Optimization • Shape, sizing, topometry, topography, and free form optimization for detailed design. • SMS Eigensolver runs eigensolutions 2 to 10 times faster than the conventional Lanczos method. SMS can solve problems with over 20 million degrees of freedom. • BIGDOT optimizer solves problems in excess of 3 million design variables. For example, topology optimization problems are currently being solved in excess of 3 million design variables and are getting bigger everyday.

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MODELING OPTIONS Analysis • Linear static • Nonlinear Contact • Inertial relief • Dynamic normal modes • Buckling • Frequency response • Random response • Heat transfer • Sensitivity Design optimization • Multi-objective and hybrid optimization capabilities • Topology, shape, sizing, topometry, topography, and freeform optimization Payload Interface Composite Strut Frequency Tuning SUPER FAST EIGENSOLVER GENESIS uses our SMS eigenvalue solution algorithm for lightning fast normal modes analysis. SMS allows eigensolutions to run from 2 to 10 times faster than the conventional Lanczos method....

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Enforced manufacturing and symmetry constraints. Built-in responses • Mass Fraction • Strain Energy • Displacement • Velocity • Acceleration • Frequency • Random response • Buckling load factor • Moment of Inertia • Center of Gravity • Temperature • Many more Objective function • Any built-in response • Combination of responses • User responses Constraints • Any built-in response • Manufacturing constraint • User responses Isodensity surfaces • Helps visualize the topology results • Used to create a new FEA mesh for analysis and/or shape and sizing optimization SHAPE, SIZING, TOPOGRAPHY &...

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PRE AND POST PROCESSING Design Studio for GENESIS Design Studio for GENESIS is a design oriented pre- and post-processor graphical user interface for the GENESIS program. Design Studio for GENESIS Design Studio for GENESIS Features: • Built-in and easy to use trails make it easy to create design objectives and constraints • Built-in trails makes it easy to parameterize the model • Contour plots and animations for stress, displacement, and thickness etc. • Deformed shape plots and animations • On the fly isodensity topology plots • Option to export CAD (STL, IGES), or bulk...

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