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BAXPACE The all-in-one baggage handling solution that reduces operating cost MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD

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With the compact and cost-efficient BAXPACE solution it is now possible for airports to automate the baggage handling process in a reliable way and realise extensive improvements in process control and operational cost reduction. Especially if you are a regional airport or if you have a smaller airport terminal. BAXPACE integrates all baggage handling tasks including check-in, screening, manual coding and make-up in a single flexible BAXORTER concept. Based on simple low-maintenance carousel technology with 100% redundant drives the BAXORTER has demonstrated a proven operational...

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100% Secure bag handling With full tracking from baggage drop-off to flight reconciliation, all bags are securely processed through the multi-level 100% screening process. A high utilisation of X-ray machines is achieved by the integrated load balancing. With its revolutionary gentle sorting process the BAXORTER not only enables full tracking to the X-ray machines but also aligns bags prior to entering the machine. By individually handling bags on trays, rejected bags are separately tracked to the next screening level. The modular set-up of BAXPACE allows for off-line maintenance on an...

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Facts and figures Key figures Terminal size: Labour savings: Operational capacity: System availability: Identification: Mishandled bag rate: Implementation time: Building space: 1 to 7 mio pax/a up to € 0.60 per bag 2,500 bags per hour > 99.9% RFID and/or barcode < 1 per 100,000 < 3 months < 2,000 m2 x 4.5 m high Common user check-in and bag drop Concept example Reliable and gentle sorting Optimisation of flight make-up Chute open STD -3 Chute open STD -2.5 Chute open STD -2 Ergonomic make-up with reconciliation The integrated bag storage enables a reduction of make-up chutes 0050EN15/04...

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