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BAXORTER Automated baggage sorting with controlled orientation MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD

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Cost-effective system with high sort quality With the BAXORTER Vanderlande offers a cost-effective baggage sorting solution that meets a wide range of airport demands. The BAXORTER has a capacity of 3,000 trays per hour and high flexibility in the number of outputs to flights or destinations. This makes it ideal for many smaller to mediumsize airport applications, where it meets demands for: >> Cost-effective sorting solutions with high reliability >> Flexibility in system layout and configuration >> Scalability for future needs Additionally the gentle and predictable sorting principle,...

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Fits small areas With its compact design the BAXORTER fits into limited floor areas. Sorting is possible to both right and left sides with a small output pitch, making optimum use of available space. Building height requirements are minimised because baggage is sorted out horizontally. Flexible for future growth The BAXORTER is specifically designed to fill the gap in midrange sorting applications. Offering an alternative between highcapacity, high-cost sorting systems and low-capacity carousel systems, the BAXORTER optimises the baggage handling process with combinations of pre-sort and...

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Facts and figures Specifications Capacity: Availability: Min. distance between outputs: Output angles: Curve radius: Sorter height: Max. baggage length: Speed: Destination control: External controls: Final sort 3,000 trays/hour > 99.9% 1,800 mm 0° - 30° - 90° 2,400 mm 500 mm (excl. supports) 1,350 mm 1.5 m/s SAC / Tracking-based Remote services & diagnostics Friction drive Screening cluster Cross section Baggage buffer All-in-1 Baggage handling solution Maintenance free drive chain Danang Airport, Vietnam Edmonton Airport, Canada Eindhoven Airport, the Netherlands London Heathrow Airport,...

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