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BAGSTORE A flexible, reliable and efficient storage solution MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD

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Multi-purpose solution Traditional bag stores hold bags from early checkin or transfers, using storage lanes or dynamic loops. The patented Vanderlande BAGSTORE uses randomaccess storage, so each bag can be retrieved individually at any time without recirculation. Bags in totes are stored in racks by stacker cranes (AS/RS). There is no need for grouping logic by time zones, flights etc. This maximises flexibility and control, and allows a cost-effective concept to be created for more than just early bags. For example: 1. ATL/UTL segregation. Bags with ‘Authorised to Load’ (ATL) status are...

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Space-efficient Individual, random bag storage allows over 97% of the available storage volume to be used. For conventional lanebased With its intelligent software and performance-measurement system, the high-performance BAGSTORE monitors and controls each AS/RS individually. This means: solutions based on flights or time zones, this figure is typically only 50-85%. The unique pick & deposit process ensures fast tote exchange and occupies minimal space. Energy-efficient BAGSTORE uses energy only to transport bags in light totes for storage or retrieval. In contrast, dynamic storage...

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Facts and figures Proven technology Automtated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are traditionally used in automated Warehouse & Distribution systems. Conveyor technology is based on the highly standardised TUBTRAX ICS solution. The proven BAGSTORE concept can be added to ‘raw baggage solutions’ or integrated in a TUBTRAX based BHS. BAGSTORE has been applied by Vanderlande First at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, followed by: >> London Heathrow Airport 2008 and 2014 >> arcelona El Prat Airport 2009 B >> msterdam Airport Schiphol 2010 A >> licante Airport 2010 A >> AIA Jeddah Airport...

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