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Vaisala: a sound decision - 8 Pages

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Vaisala: a sound decision

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High accuracy. Proven reliability. / SOUNDING SOLUTIONS

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Vaisala: a sound decision Atmospheric sounding technology is at the heart of Vaisala’s modest beginnings over seventy years ago, when Professor Vilho Vaisala put the finishing touches on his first commercial radiosonde in 1936. Today, most atmospheric soundings around the world are performed with Vaisala sounding equipment. We have had the time and the experience necessary to building a reputation for accuracy and reliability. And we do our utmost to provide our customers with the very best tools for the job - whether they are meteorological organizations, defense forces or any of the...

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We push the boundaries of what is possible – resulting in better weather prediction – day after day. Value for money Vaisala’s radiosonde systems are accurate and durable. They provide excellent observation quality and a high rate of data availability. Should new WMO regulations or guidelines suggest changes to operational practices, Vaisala will ensure that systems are kept up and running. Hundreds of users have already discovered that purchasing a Vaisala product is an investment in reliable future performance. Meeting pertinent standards As a leader in the field of radiosonde systems,...

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Vaisala has a soundings solution for every application. Tell us your needs. Meteorological message generation follows the latest WMO regulations, including BUFR coding. The Vaisala Automatic Sounding Station AUTOSONDE is an integral part of many national upper-air networks. It is built to increase operational efficiency and extend observation network coverage into remote locations where a manned station is cost-prohibitive. Vaisala radiosondes Since 1936, Vaisala Radiosondes have offered evolutionary improvements in pressure, temperature and relative humidity measurement and wind finding....

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Vaisala dropsondes A dropsonde is a radiosonde released from an aircraft or a constant level drift balloon. A stabilizing parachute provides the desired descent speed. A signal receiver is installed in the cabin of the aircraft or in the gondola of the balloon. Dropsondes are mainly used for targeted observations over the ocean. They provide data on severe storm trajectory and intensity prediction, e.g. hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea. Dropsondes are also used to collect data in atmospheric studies, where land-based radiosonde systems cannot be used. Vaisala Dropsondes have been developed...

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Vaisala is the life cycle partner for your environmental observations from the start of the investment planning to the end of the equipment life cycle. According to each customer's needs, we provide many services individually, through predefined service activities or modular service agreements. Increase the efficiency of daily operations and concentrate on core activities with the reliable support of our professional services. Project services We can provide a guiding hand in managing ambitious programs. Project services include project management, installation, training, acceptance...

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ensure that the highest-quality data is available when you need it. Our technical support is available 24/7/365 to assure a rapid response time to your requests. We want to make sure you are able to get accurate and on-time information on environmental conditions that are critical to the safety and success of your operations. With approximately 250 employed professionals in various locations around the world, Vaisala’s services staff ensures that you can make most out of your Vaisala equipment with the least possible effort. Our field service staff is dedicated to on-site support varying...

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Please contact us at Scan the code for more information This material is subject to copyright protection, with all copyrights retained by Vaisala and its individual partners. All rights reserved. Any logos and/or product names are trademarks of Vaisala or its individual partners. The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of information contained in this brochure in any form without the prior written consent of Vaisala is strictly prohibited. All specifications — technical included — are subject to change without notic

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