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RWS200 - 24 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

RWS200 Product Catalog / Vaisala Road Weather Station RWS200 For Roads, Rail, and Runways

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VAISALAVaisala Road Weather Station RWS200 To keep the roads and runways safe and passable at all times, the pavement and atmospheric weather must be continuously monitored. Weather conditions such as snow and ice, heavy rains, fog, high winds, and sand storms can impact road and runway safety in many different ways. Unfortunately, you cannot usually observe the weather impact from your office window so it is important to have a reliable tool for information gathering. Road weather stations, also known as Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), have been developed for several decades to collect...

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VAISALA RWS200 is equipped with smart power management. The full-featured RWS200 comes with a backup battery. When main power is lost, RWS200 detects the change and begins shutting down operations that drain the most power. This ensures that in an environment where power is not always stable, RWS200 continues to provide observations and access to the system as long as battery power is available. Vaisala sensors are sold around the world for many different applications, both separately and with Vaisala weather stations. RWS200 supports a large range of Vaisala sensors and a selected set of third-party...

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VAISALA RWS200 is reliable, sustainable, expandable, and upgradable. It provides remote access for maintenance and for viewing the observations. You can also integrate RWS200 to your data collection system using the various interfaces it offers. RWS200 comprises of high quality components that have been specifically designed for and tested in harsh conditions. Each RWS200 system is thoroughly tested before it leaves the Vaisala factory. A comprehensive documentation set, including the test reports, is delivered with each RWS200. Road Specific Design Vaisala offers a wide variety of sensors for...

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System Components Remote connection Data collection system • Remote management and upgrades • Direct access to observations • Sensor monitoring • Data quality check • Data archiving Visualization and decision support software • Vaisala Road DSS Navigator / Manager • 3rd-party application Wireless local maintenance access over WLAN Device control • Station configuration • Local data visualization • Three relays to control various devices • Configurable rules to control relays Wind speed and direction WMT700 Visibility and present weather detector PWD12/22 Rain detector DRD11A Weather transmitter...

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RWS200 System Protocols and Data Reports General Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Humidity range Data message inputs/outputs POWERING OPERATING RANGE AC (mains) power External power Protocols Road surface state INTERNAL BATTERY Standard backplate (BOX652, BOXALU-US, BOXSS-US) Slim backplate (BOX722) Mains fuse Vibration IEC 60068-2-6 Rough handling IEC 60068-2-31 Shock IEC 60068-2-27 Cold IEC 60068-2-1 Dry heat IEC 60068-2-2 Damp heat IEC 60068-2-78 Corrosion and salt mist VDA 621-415 EMC (industrial environment) EN/IEC 61326-1 Conducted emissions CISPR22/EN 5502/Class B 2)...

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Sensors Remote Road Sensor DSC211 Measuring Specifications The spectroscopic measuring principle of DSC211 enables accurate measurement of the amounts of water, ice, and snow. In addition, DSC211 provides a calculated value of slipperiness, grip, to indicate the condition of the road. MEASURING DISTANCE With visibility observation disabled 2 ... 15 m (7 ... 50 ft) With visibility observation enabled 8 ... 15 m (26 ... 50 ft) Installation angle from the 30 ... 80° horizontal line (35 … 65° recommended) LAYER THICKNESS DSC211 is a very sensitive instrument providing an accurate measurement of the...

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Remote Road Temperature Sensor DST111 The DST111 sensor provides a remote alternative to measuring road surface temperature. By measuring the infrared radiation emitted by the surface and applying intelligent signal processing, DST111 provides a reliable remote surface temperature measurement. The sensor has a faster response time than traditional road temperature sensors and therefore provides a good option for special locations, such as bridges. General Specifications Operating temperature Storage temperature Operating humidity Communication interface Dimensions (H × W × D) Weight Cover Mounting...

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The DRS511 sensor, when connected to RWS200, forms a part of a complete remote processing system for ice warnings and predictions. The durable design of the sensor withstands the heavy stress of traffic, allowing the sensor to be installed in the wheel track. Vaisala’s unique measurement technologies enable accurate analysis of road state, snow and ice coverage detection, water-film thickness, amount of de-icing chemicals, and depression of freezing point. Temperature sensors    Two Pt100 elements, 1/3 Class B DIN 1EC 751 Dimensions (H x W x D)    75 x 30 x 84 mm, bottom 38 mm 50 m/165 ft cable...

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The FP2000 sensor monitors the condition of the road surface and determines if there is water or a chemical solution on the road. The data is used for maintenance operations during critical winter periods and throughout the year. Available in North America only. Measuring Specifications Temperature observation range -51 ... +80 °C (-60 ... + 176 °F) Water depth observation range 0.3 ... 12.7 mm (0.01 ... 0.5 in) Operating temperature    -40 ... +80 °C (-40 ... + 176 °F) Part Number Item_ FP2000 SENSOR (GRAY) WITH CABLE 91.44 m (300 ft) 152.40 m (500 ft) FP2000 SENSOR (BLACK) WITH CABLE 91.44 m...

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The DTS12G probe is specifically designed for outdoor use and for automatic weather stations. The water-tight, weather-resistant design ensures reliable temperature measurements in extreme conditions. It can be used to measure the temperature at different levels beneath the surface. The probe is used in road weather stations to utilize information on road depth temperature for producing the 24-hour road surface temperature forecast. Temperature observation range    -80 ... +80 °C (-112 ... 176 °F) Sensing element    Platinum resistance element (Pt100) Housing material    Stainless steel AISI 316 Part...

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