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Catalog excerpts


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Efficient work, significantly reduced strain injuries and an easier workday. These are some of the words that, the baggage handlers at Heathrow Terminal 2, have used to describe the way that Vaculex's vacuum lifting solutions have made their work easier. Vaculex is a world-leading manufacturer of lifting equipment based on vacuum technology. Made to a Swedish design, Vaculex has supplied the airport industry, for more than ten years, with flexible, top-quality equipment, reducing the high number of injuries associated with manual handling of baggage. Today, Vaculex BaggageLift handling solutions...

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ERGONOMIC Vaculex provides ergonomic solutions to the high injury risks associated with handling baggage manually. The load on the body can be reduced more than 80 %, by using Vaculex. Good ergonomics means good economics. ECONOMIC Long lasting and safe solutions that give you benefits in terms of reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover and better staff utilization. Often combined with higher productivity. EFFICIENT Vaculex not only makes life easier for the baggage handler; several studies also show increased productivity. This is because the products are developed using the latest technology...

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WE MAKE YOUR WORK EASIER – BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE PURCHASE 1. BEFORE By understanding your needs we design a solution that adapts to the challenges of your operation and infrastructure. Learning about our customers' business and challenges are important to us. Therefore our solutions are carefully developed using the latest technology in cooperation with the industry and the end users. 2. DURING A happy customer is crucial to us. With more than a decade of experience in the aviation industry our dedicated team of professionals have developed a deep knowledge and understanding for the stakeholders’...

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FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR ANY APPLICATION Show us your terminal, and we will help you find a suitable solution. The flexibility of the Vaculex products means that we can overcome many of the physical constraints that occur in the airport baggage halls. Whether retrofitting into an existing terminal or planning for a new building we can offer solutions that will adapt to the existing or required infrastructure. Vaculex BaggageLiftTM Low Headroom – for areas with restricted and low overhead clearance. With our help the baggage handler gets the best solution that is easy to work with and above all –...

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HOW MUCH CAN YOU LIFT? HOW MUCH DOES A BAGGAGE HANDLER LIFT EVERY DAY? Did you know that a baggage handler can lift about 6 tonnes of baggage FIVE MINI COOPERS per shift? This represents 5 Mini Coopers every day! “Before Vaculex we had a lot of problems with injuries due to the heavy lifting here at Heathrow. Thanks to the Vaculex solutions the work is much more efficient and my staff doesn’t suffer from back problems anymore. Vaculex is a fantastic equipment.” Martin Bell – Training Officer, Me

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REDUCE THE WORKLOAD REDUCE THE WEIGHT By implementing Vaculex Baggage­ ift the amount of L load on the body is reduced by over 80 %. HANDLE ALMOST ANYTHING No matter what shape or size of bag Vaculex BaggageLift handles 99 % of all bags with ease. REDUCE THE LOAD By reducing the workload with Vaculex BaggageLift the risk of injuries are minimized and the productivity can be increased. “I'd like to provide you my "real life" experience. Prior to Vaculex I took Pain Meds for my back prior to shift start. Since the first shift with Vaculex, I have taken ZERO meds, and I have not had one twinge of...

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TAKE CONTROL OF THE BAGGAGE BAGGAGELIFT™ CONTROL HANDLE FOR OPTIMAL ERGONOMIC PERFORMANCE The Vaculex BaggageLift is a revolutionary way to take control of baggage handling. Our control handle is easily operated with one fi ­ nger via single point control of the trigger. “Vaculex is a real benefit for everyone. The solution reduces the strain on the body, is easy to use and works with any bag. The staff enjoys working with Vaculex and for me it is easy to train them when you see the benefits of using it.” Sam Streak – Baggage Handler/team leader, ASIG

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HOW DOES IT WORK? The Vaculex Baggagelift is equipped and complete with a fully integrated baggage suction foot, a universal joint, an angle adapter and a 360 degrees swivel. These built in features allow a wide variety of baggage to be handled safely, including Zero loads backpacks and soft bags. GRIPS ANYWHERE ON THE BAG The universal joint enables the operator to place a suction foot anywhere on the bag and not be exposed to an unbalanced load. The angle adapter allows the operator to angle the suction foot at ninety degrees to pick up bags from the side and the swivel allows for the baggage...

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ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITYVACULEX BaggageLift tm • Installed when clear headroom is more than 3.5 m. • The BaggeLift™ is fitted to a lightweight overhead system that comprises aluminium tracks with an aluminium bridge, for maximum flexibility in both axes. VACULEX BaggageLift tm LOW HEADROOM • Installed when headroom is restricted. • Patented horizontal lift tube technology allows for installation in areas as low as 2.5 m headroom, allowing maximum lift height to be achieved. • Normally installed on a lightweight aluminium overhead system. VACULEX BaggageLift tm CARBON FIBRE • Perfect for situations...

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• Specifically Designed to assist with loading of ULD’s such as AKEs • Operator friendly solution allowing baggage to be placed all the way inside the ULD. • As quick and easy as manual handling. VACULEX BAGGAGELIFT RAMP • Specifically designed to assist with loading of baggage to and from the belt loader on the ramp. • A lifting solution that is operator friendly and easy to work with and also a viable alternative to manual handling. • Attached to and powered by a belt loader. • Ultralight carbon fibre articulated jib arm wi

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