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BagageLift Ramp

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Quick, safe and easy. An effective ULD loading solution – Vaculex BaggageLiftTM ULD Loading Unit Load Devices (ULDs) is normally a heavy job that requires manual lifting. With the Vaculex BaggageLift TM ULD, this task is made much easier thanks to patented technique and design features that allow you to optimise the filling ratio of the units. First developed by Vaculex in cooperation with Frankfurt International Airport, the concept was an outstanding success. It was the aim of the project to create an operator friendly lifting solution that was easy to use – this was achieved, meaning operators now have a viable, efficient alternative to manual handling. The solution also allows for simultaneous loading and sorting of luggage into ULDs. Quick, safe, easy and flexible loading of weightless baggage into a ULD is now reality – thanks to Vaculex BaggageLift TM ULD. Fast facts - Vaculex BaggageLift TM ULD • Increases productivity and working efficiency • Ergonomically superior • Reduces the risk of injury • Reliable and safe • Flexible – Easy to move around – No need for row positioning of the AKEs – Facilitates flexible placement – Allows easy sequencing and sorting of luggage – Improves accessibility, offering maximum mobility even in tight spaces • Very low construction weight • Us

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Technical specification – Vaculex BaggageLift TM ULD Picture 1: ULD System with fixed C-arm Picture 3: ULD cross section view of C-arm in AKE Picture 2: ULD System with rotating C-arm Picture 4: Vaculex BaggageLift ULD Control handle Vaculex control unit, pump and capacity • Suitable for both left and right hand operation • Custom made for BaggageLift ULD • Suction foot dimensions 150 x 290 mm • For an optimal reach the ULD Control Handle is placed extremely low at only 180 mm • Power 2,4 kW • Pump unit weight: 107 kg • Same functionality as Vaculex BaggageLiftTM Universal Control Handle •...

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