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Air Cargo Handling

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Easy, safe and ergonomic manual air cargo handling Manual air cargo handling is a high-risk zone for musculoskeletal disorders caused by heavy weights and high frequency. A recent ergonomics analysis shows that the risk for personal injury can be decreased by up to 80%, with maintained or higher productivity. Vaculex now offers air cargo handling lifting equipment based on vacuum technology that replaces or is a complement to manual handling. We provide solutions for building and breaking down air pallets as well as loading and unloading of containers, as quick and easy as manual handling....

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Customer benefits • Vacuum technology Grants extremely soft, flexible and comfortable usage. • Easy to learn Very easy to learn and operate - in use within 5 minutes. • High safety factor Immediate response during power failure and a 3.3 times higher suction force than lifting force guarantees no damage to operators or load. • Very low construction weight Smooth and easy handling - control unit and lift tube weighs only 5.7 kg. • Instant release No hooks or gripping tools - the release button releases the load instantly. • Various load Lifting capacity up to 45 kg / 100 lbs depending on...

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Can you predict the risk of injuries1 “Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) cover a broad range of health problems. The main groups are back pain/injuries and Work Related Upper Limb Disorders, commonly known as “repetitive strain injuries”. Lower limbs can also be affected. Lifting, poor posture and repetitive movements are among the causes. Some types of disorders are associated with particular tasks or occupations. MSD are commonly reported work related health problem by European workers: 30% complain of backache; 17% complain of muscular pains in their arms and legs; 45% report working in...

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