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Catalogue excerpts

R'oduct Chta Sheet Characteri sti cs va-Qvi p is an evacuated niicro porous thernal i nsul ati ng panel with excel I ent i nsul ati ng properti es. The core nateri al of va-Qvi p i s a pressed powder nade of si I i ci c aci d v\hi ch i s non-corrtousti bl e. 11 i s vacuum seal ed i rto a hi gh gas bar r i er film Cue to the sped al "edge fol di ng techni que va-Qsearh, va-Qvi ps have srrooth edges. Therefore, i ndi vi dual va-Qvi ps can be f i tted together ti ghtl y, naki ng an al nrost seanhess assentol y possi bl e. In general, va-Qvi ps are produced in a rectangular shape, but other shapes (such as triangles, trapezium, cornet cut and oval cut etc.) are available upon request, i cati on va-Qvi p i s sped al I y devel oped for i nsul ati on appl i cati ons where not much space i s avai I abl e but a hi gh thernal resi stance i s necessary. va-Qvi p is a successful i nsul ati on el enent i n the f ol I owi ng areas: • Bui I di ng appl i cati on (Roofs, f I oors, etc.) • Thernal packagi ng (IMfedi ci ne transport boxes, etc.) • Appliances (V&ter boiler, etc.) • Automuti ve (trai n, ship, airplaine, etc.) For bui I di ng va-Qtec offers va-Qvi p E^F, a product sped f i cal I y desi gned to neet Gernan fi re safety regul ati ons. Advantages • M nor thernal conductivity • Ctasti cal I y reduced i nsul ati on thi ckness • I ncreased useabl e vol une • Al I -purpose VI P with a I ong servi ce life R'oduct [feta

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Cuter appearance    Rectangular shape (without protrudi ng f I anges smuoth edges*) * For 10 rimand 15 rant hi ckness, if a flat edge is H nt    requi red, f I anges are refol ded onto the nai n surface of the

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