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Catalogue excerpts

R'oduct Chta Sheet Characteri sti cs The twenty-f i rst century generati on of thernal i nsul ati on needs to be f I exi bl e. To hel p you resol ve di ff i cul t spatial design pr obi era va-Qtec offers cost efficient va-Qpro panels. va-Qpro i s our rrast advanced vacuumi nsul ati on panel produced i n f ul I y autonati zed producti on process. va-Qpro consi sts of a povder core nateri al and has a hi gh gas and vapour barri er film The core nateri al of va-Qpro can be recycl ed i n an eco-f ri endl y nanner. The f I at surface on the rmnti ng si de of va-Qpro enabl es an easy i nstal I ati on. va-Qpro can be produced i n tvo di nensi onal shapes, with cut-outs and even as foldable 3D panel s without any additional treatnent. va-Qpro can only be nanufactured in series. i cati on Qir thi rd generati on va-Qpro i s an advancenent of the va-Q pi us vacuumi nsul ati on panel. Dje to i ts f I exi bi I i ty of shapes, va-Q pro can be used i n vari ous appl i cati on f i el ds, e. g. el ectri c batteri es or ai rpi ane wal I i nsul ati on. There are al rrast endl ess possi bi I i ti es for the appl i cati on of va-Qpro with the process bei ng nade as si npl e as possi bl e. • Packaging/Transport (thernal boxes, containers, etc.) • Autonmtive (trucks, tank containers, electric cars, etc.) •Appliances (refrigerators, freezers, water boilers, etc.) • Bui I di ng appl i cati ons (facade cl addi ng sandwich panel s, etc.) • Techni cal devi ces (Sci enti f i c nachi nes, etc.) Advantage • Qir of our rrast advanced vacuumi nsul ati on panel • \teri ous and f I exi bl e shapes avai I abl e • \fery I ong servi ce life • Recyclable (core nateri al)

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(1) The naxi nal thi ckness of a panel depends on the si ze of the panel. The typi cal thi ckness i s between 8 mmand 16 mm The snal I er the panel, the snal I er the naxi noim thickness. Please contact us for your desi red panel di nensi ons. (2) Cue to thei r special nanufacturi ng process va-Qpro panel s are not i deal I y rectangul ar. The thi ckness at the edge i s sonewhat I ess than i n the centre. Al I di nensi ons, H nt    tol erances and i nsul ati on val ues refer to the i nsul ati ng area fromcorner to corner. PI ease note: There are between 10 mmand 30 mmseans at al I si des of the...

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