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Airport Logistic Systems - 12 Pages

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Airport Logistic Systems
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Catalogue excerpts

Air Cargo Systems Baggage Handling Warehousing

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Your partner from conception to completion Mission In co-operation with our clients we design bespoke material handling solutions of outstanding flexibility at attractive prices. We implement these turnkey systems around the globe and offer a first-class service. More than 30 years of experience are a boon to our clients. Consultancy We offer an independent expert‘s view in the fields of baggage, freight and apron planning for airports, materials handling and high bay racking systems for industrial and commercial premises. Vision Innovative and intelligent solutions are of great value to the customer...

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Project management We manage any project on your behalf- large or small - from conception to completion. Within the agreed cost and time constraints. Installation & Commissioning Our fully trained team of engineers is on site during every installation and comissioning stage of your project. We stay until you are happy. Training Our training personnel is at hand throughout the entire project. We train your staff to ensure they are completely familiar with the equipment. Operation & Maintenance We offer operation and maintenance services by our trained engineers to assist you in overcoming any difficulties...

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Cargo Handling Systems Unitechnik Systems provides complete cargo handling systems on a turnkey basis. We are developing custom-made solutions which answer operational and economic needs. Our design considers the environmental conditions as well as local requirements. It is our goal to assist our clients throughout the entire project. This also includes after-sales service. Our range of products includes total control of the equipment throughout the automation hierarchy. We provide integrated solutions, starting from basic controls right up to the inventory control system. The degree of automation...

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• Realisation on a turnkey basis • Scalable solutions: manually operated, semi-automated and fully automated Systems • ULD handling: storage and retrieval, transport, build-up/break-down • Warehousing of bulk shipments • High end inventory control system • Interface to all available airport IT-systems • X-Ray and safety solutions for air cargo • Cooling systems for perishables • Flexible terminal equipment 3D-simulation cargo terminal, Gothenburg, Sweden • More than 30 year experience in the air cargo business • Custom-made solutions • Selection of the best equipment available depending on the...

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Flexible Terminal Equipment The World‘s first multi functional transport vehicle for air cargo units Unitechnik offers the world‘s first stand alone free moveable multi functional transport vehicle XWAY - MOVER™ which combines the skills of TV and ETV with numerous features which makes a powerfull „decathlete“ in air cargo disciplines. It provides all functions of air cargo handling from landside to airside. Latest technology is inbuilt and supported 24/7. The unit can be easily used in any kind of Terminal expansions or changes of operational procedures. The XWAY - MOVER™ consists of an air cargo...

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We supply security solutions for air freight handling and baggage conveying systems. The security systems are either integrated into a complete system or they are offered as stand-alone systems. There is even a plug-and-play version which can be operational within minutes. The X-Ray systems we use are state-of-the-art and are supplied by leading manufacturers. A secure process is made possible by proper integration into the material flow of the system and continual tracking of the items. Unitechnik also specialises in retro-fitting safety equipment. Prepare your system for the future. Baggage...

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Warehousing and Material Handling Spare Part Warehouses We can provide airports with conveying and warehousing systems for many other purposes, such as the efficient storage of spare parts. The parts can be stored onto pallets and trays or into bins. The automated storage and retrieval system delivers the required parts just a few minutes after ordering. The warehouse management software controls automated warehouses as well as manually operated areas in one system. Storage and retrieval system for dishes, Frankfurt, Germany Beside air cargo and baggage handling systems Unitechnik realises material...

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• Logistic systems on a turn-key basis • High-bay warehouses • Conveying of pallets, trays, bins, containers, etc • All logistic processes: inbound, picking, packing, dispatch • Integrated software for material flow and warehouse management • Mobile WMS solutions for forklifts • Modernisation of existing facilities Theater logistics at National Opera, Oslo, Norway • Realization of the most modern flight kitchens in the world • 40 years experience in logistic systems and warehouse management • Custom-made solutions • Different levels of automation • Highest technical standards • Professional project...

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Baggage Handling Systems ICM Airport Technics is the specialist for Baggage Handling within the Unitechnik Group. ICM designs and implements state-of-the-art baggage handling systems. We have gained our experience by providing services as a supplier of turnkey systems as well as consultants for airports and authorities. Our initial design keeps your future in mind and can accommodate future developments. We provide a complete service in the design and realisation of security systems in sorting and passenger areas. We give our customers the most modern X-Raytechnology and the most reliable baggage...

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determining the bag weight, dimensions, volume, shape, conveyability, and radio frequency identification (RFID) or barcode bag tag. A key design feature is the side-loading of bags, which is easier than front-loading and provides a clear safe area for passengers. In addition, the aesthetic design provides a non-intimidating user experience. Safe and secure: using patented technology, anti-intrusion systems prevent any kind of trapping or injury to passengers, as well as maintaining the integrity of the weighing process. Non-conveyable and multiple bags are detected using advanced 3D analysis....

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