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Faster, risk-free product design and prototyping - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Faster, risk-free product design and prototyping "Ultimaker is a fantastic machine to have in the studio. 3D printing technology will allow the creation of much more bespoke footwear - and whilst at the moment it is limited to accessories, it won't be long before we can make a solid, reliable, wearable shoe, direct from 3D printing." — Julian Hakes, fashion designer Using 3D print technology, Julian Hakes can now make as many as five iterations per prototype, creating designs that weren't possible before. ' Model scaling is easy, and it's far simpler to communicate ideas with colleagues and clients LONDON Company Julian Hakes Industry Fashion Challenge To identify problems quickly and enjoy more design flexibility. Additionally, not having to depend on supplier capacity and gaining greater control in-house. Solution 3D printed prototypes are rapidly produced and amended in-house, reducing time and expenses and streamlining the communication between the London and Hong Kong teams. Results • Shorter time to market • Reduced costs • Greater design freedom • Ability to produce multiple iterations Julian Hakes - Introduction Julian Hakes is an award-winning fashion footwear designer and the creative director of Julian Hakes London. A few years back, Julian noted that there was a lack of evolution in the shoe industry, which inspired him to design a shoe with a "twist." The innovative design, which he named the Mojito Shoe, protects the foot while providing proper heel support — combining ergonomics with aesthetic appeal. However, he realized that, in order to achieve his design vision, it would need considerable testing and modeling. He'd heard about 3D printing and was actively seeking a fast, reliable 3D desktop printer to help him with his innovative designs. He first discovered Ultimaker at the 3D Print Show in New York in 2015, where he happened to be exhibiting his Mojito Shoe footwear on the catwalk. Using his Ultimaker machine, Julian was able to create numerous prototypes and iterations to ensure the design was perfect. The accessibility of this additive manufacturing solution enabled him to challenge the industry status quo and create a genuine market-changer. Since then, the Mojito Shoe has been featured in top publications, such as Elle and Vogue, and has been mass-produced on a global scale.

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Challenge In the past, designers like Julian had to depend on third-party contractors, which meant they were forced to work according to the contractor's schedule. As a result, making iterations took a lot of time and money. Sometimes, teams had to wait weeks just to make a single change to his design. "When you are working on a project, there are thousands of ideas over there and not all of them work," Julian explains. "If you choose the one that beats the competition, that's great. And the ones that you try that don't work give you the clues on what will work" Solution After considerable research...

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