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3D printing cuts months of architectural model making time - 2 Pages

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3D printing cuts months of architectural model making time "3D printed model is stronger and longer lasting. If we outsource the model making, the cost is much greater, and can take a whole day. Generally, I choose to 3D print models because it allows me to achieve certain results that I would never be able to achieve using traditional methods" — Matt White, Founding Partner at MATT Architecture MATT ARCHITECTURE Company MATT Architecture Industry Architecture Challenge Create highly detailed architectural models at minimal cost, and quickly respond to customer feedback. Solution Use 3D printing to rapid prototype multiple design concepts in-house, significantly reducing the time and expenses involved in the model-making process. Results • No more compromises on model detail or accuracy • Reduced model-making time • Reduced costs Thanks to 3D print technology, MATT Architecture can now create detailed architectural models at a fraction of the usual cost and in a matter of hours, not days. Integrating 3D printers into their business workflow has improved communication with clients, and provided the company with more flexibility and freedom than ever before MATT Architecture - Introduction MATT Architecture is a well-regarded architectural firm in Central London, with a strong focus on producing fresh, innovative designs. As part of their design process, the team creates complex architectural models, which not only illustrate their vision, but allow clients to view the 'work-in-progress' and request changes where necessary. By using 3D printing technology, MATT can create detailed, high-impact models, communicating key concepts to clients, and engaging them meaningfully in the planning process. The team also uses 3D printing to make rapid iterations, saving considerable time and money in the process. Making alterations and amendments is far easier, and by being able to print out their designs, they can involve their clients at an earlier stage of the planning process. This not only makes it easier for the architects to convey their creative vision - but also means that changes can be made (if necessary) swiftly, easily and at reduced cost. This level of flexibility presents a wealth of new possibilities for the company, and lets them work with greater freedom. • Increased iterations • Easy to repeat results, with virtually no modelmaking labor required

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Challenge Prior to incorporating 3D printing into their practice, MATT Architecture’s models were handmade, using paper or cardboard. This was an adequate solution for conveying basic ideas, but not ideal for complicated designs. Handcrafting complex models was labor-intensive and time-consuming, particularly when working out all the geometries and scales required to replicate results. 3D printing provided the perfect solution to this problem. Solution When working on the Ilona Rose House project, the team quickly realized that they’d need to reiterate the design several times in order to get...

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