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Catalogue excerpts

UFL is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of a wide selection of landside and airside products including mass seating, counters, passenger facilitation, hospitality, lounge and complementary furniture. We manufacture using high-performance materials, featuring ergonomic design for superior passenger comfort and space economy. To deliver the optimum passenger experience we tap into global trends, new materials and innovative technology, to meet your needs through innovative products, advice and customisation. UFL has a commitment to quality and sustainability in both design and manufacture....

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Overview Please take a seat – and make it your own. • Available as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 seater units • Choose from standard or compact • Arms Units have end arms as standard – removable if needed Intermediate arms are optional • Tables End or intermediate tables are optional • Power Power can be integrated to underside of beam and/or fitted within tables • Fixing & Linking Floor fixed, back-to-back or side-to-side linking options Linked configurations of 90° and 120° angles are also available • PRM seating is available as required • Custom solutions available

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Extra Features Available Designed to withstand high foot traffic, the Alpha range is built to last. A robust structure and double powdercoated finish resist wear and reduce maintenance requirements, while pared back detail means it’s easy to clean. Seat Pan Available in a range of finishes: - Perforated steel with double silver powdercoat - Perforated steel with upholstered seat and back pads - Perforated steel with upholstered seat pads only - The standard Alpha beam seat is also available in brushed stainless steel, for covered outdoor areas Arms Pressure die cast aluminium arms, with a double...

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1. Queenstown Airport, New Zealand 2. Invercargill Airport, New Zealand

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Alpha Alpha is both comfortable and spacious - with a modern ergonomic design for better back support, and cutouts for easy clean and added spaciousness. Each seat has its own high-quality componentry, making it extra robust and equally suited to indoor and covered outdoor environments. Features include: Individual seat and back pads Cutout detailing for easy clean & airiness Two brackets per seat for extra reinforcement Ergonomic roll for greater back support Generous spacing between seats Optional intermediate arms (easily retrofitted) Separate end arm components (standard with all Alpha beams)

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Alpha Compact Working with limited space? The Alpha Compact offers the same generous comfort and style in a smaller footprint. Its shared bracket means less componentry, creating a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. And like the standard Alpha, the Alpha Compact offers extra options such as intermediate arms, tables and power connections. Features include: 1. Shared seat brackets 2. Compact spacing between seats 3. Full upholstery 4. Optional intermediate arms (cannot be retrofitted) 5. End arms attached to bracket (standard with all Alpha Compact beams)

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1. Alpha cutout detailing for easy clean and airiness 2. Intermediate or end table for the ultimate in relaxation, with the option to charge up while you wait 3. Perforated steel pan for extreme strength and durability 4. Discreet integrated power rail, available with USB and standard power ports

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Certification Alpha and Alpha Compact have been tested to BS EN 12727:20 00. (Furniture. Ranked seating. Test methods and requirements for strength and durability). Q Warranty UFL supplies a 5-year structural warranty on all beam seating. Extended warranties are available for specific projects. Arms End and intermediate arms are constructed in pressure die cast aluminium, providing a solid arm rest for improved comfort, and creating a barrier to prevent passengers lying on longer units. Alpha arms are fixed directly to the support beam for extra stability and are individually secured with a cap below....

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Beams come with end arms as standard Dimensions in millimetres and to be used as a guide only Tables 530W x 530D 530W x 300D Custom table size and shapes available

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Alpha and Alpha Compact come in multiple configurations including straight rows, back-to-back, and linked configurations in 90° and 120° angles for almost endless possibilities. End tables are available in a rectangular shape for straight rows, and in custom shapes to link beams at an angle. Intermediate tables can be added between seats.

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Perforated steel with double silver powdercoat Armrests & Legs Custom options available for projects Aluminium with double silver powdercoat Customer specified material also available Black leather Black vinyl Blue vinyl Beech veneer Tobacco vinyl Wine vinyl Table Tops Power & USB rail fitted underneath seat Power & USB fitted to table

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