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TD PS45 POCKET-SCAN - Multi-Function Ultrasonic Inspection Systems Features • Portable yet Highly Capable • Ethernet Link - PS45 to Laptop • Extensive Off-line Analysis Tools • Built-in Reporting •    2 Axis Encoder & Video Tracking • Up to x32 Conventional Channels Techniques • ToFD • Pulse Echo • Corrosion Mapping • Weld Zone Discrimination Applications • Pressure Vessel Welds • Pipeline Welds • Structural Welds • Hydrogen Damage Surveys • Corrosion Surveys • Forgings & Castings • Aircraft Components • Complex Geometries Software • Pulse Echo • ToFD • Strip-Scan • Long Range (Creep Wave & Corrosion Mapping) • TD Super-View E&OE - All specifications are subject to change. It is advisable to check all information provided. Nndva .INSTRUMENTS DESIGN Web: www.technologydesign.com • Email: tdsales@technologydesign.com • Phone: +44 (0) 1606 590123

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TD-PS45 Pocket-Scan Technical SpecificationHardware General Single/Twin Crystals Output Impedance HT Pulse Shape HT Pulse Voltage steps of 5V HT Pulse Width Range Signal Bandwidth (-3dB) Gain Range Gain Linearity Input Impedance Number Of Curves Gain Range Rate Of Gain Change DAC Time resolution DAC Start reference High Pass Filters (-3dB) Low Pass Filters (-3dB) Post Rect. Smoothing Filters (-3dB) Filter Roll-Off Performance Filter Type Input Type Number Of Axis Number Of Limit Inputs Encoder Interface Potentiometer Interface Video Camera Input Number Of Software Channels    128 Main Sampling...

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