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UHP-UHV SEALS - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ULTRA HIGH PURITY & ULTRA HIGH VACUUM SEALS Advanced metal sealing solutions for critical UHP/UHV & cryogenic applications

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Today's sealing requirements for Ultra-High Purity and ULtra-Hic • ULtra-Low Leak Rates (< 1x10-13 atm.cm3.s-1 He) • Low Outgassing • Cryogenic Temperatures(< 1.8° K) •    Long Life Expectancy •    Chemical Compatibility • Aluminum Flanges Through extensive research, Technetics Group, in conjuction wi of high performance metaL seals to solve these demanding app Vacuum are more demanding than ever before: • Odd Shapes & Sizes • High Temperature Bake Out • Radiation Resistance •    Remote Handling Capability •    Quartz & Ceramic Flanges • Reduced Load the French Atomic Energy Commission, has deveLoped...

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The sealing principle of the HELICOFLEX® family of seals is based upon the plastic deformation of a jacket that has greater ductility than the flange materials. This occurs between the sealing face of a flange and an elastic core composed of a close-wound helical spring. The spring is selected to have a specific compression resistance. During compression, the resulting specific pressure forces the jacket to yield and ensures positive contact with the flange sealing faces. Each coil of the helical spring acts independently and allows the seal to conform to irregularities on the flange surface. The...

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HELICOFLEX® DELTA A SEAL JACKET    SEAL DESIGN INFORMATION Other materials are available on request: Stainless Steel, Inconel, Tantalum, Gold, etc. Note: Minimum temperature is 1.8K/-272°C. Maximum temperatures shown in the tables only relate to the characteristics of the seal and are to be checked for every type of fluid. In specific applications, the HELICOFLEX® DELTA can be used with a seating load as low as 80 N/mm (450 lb/in). TECHNETICS GROUP    Phone: +33 (0) 4 77 43 51 00 90, rue de la Roche du Geai    france@technetics.com 42029 Saint Etienne cedex 1 FRANCE

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SHAPED SEALS Groove Design: Contact our engineering staff for assistance in designing non-circular grooves. Groove Finish: Most UHP/UHV applications will require a finish of <16 RMS (<0.4 Ra pm). All machining & polishing marks must follow seal circumference. Min. Seal Radius: The minimum seal bending radius is six times the seal cross section (CS). Seating Load: The load (Y2) to seat the seal is approximately 30% higher due to a slightly stiffer spring design. 90, rue de la Roche du Geai CS 52913 42029 Saint Etienne cedex 1 FRANCE liachnebcs france@technetics.com technetics.com GROUP EnPro Industries...

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COMPRESSION AND DECOMPRESSION CYCLE The compression and decompression cycle of the HELICOFLEX® seal is characterized by gradual flattening of the compression curve.The decompression curve is distinct from the compression curve as the result of a hysteresis phenomenon to which is added a permanent dual deformation (spring deformation and lining creep). DEFINITION OF TERMS Please refer to page 3. Cross    Compression Section    e, * Helium Sealing Maximum Temperature Maximum Temperature Maximum Temperature *Please refer to page 3. IN ULTRA HIGH VACUUM APPLICATIONS The sealing performance is very...

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STANDARD SIZES HELICOFLEX® SEAL, TYPE HN 100 AND 200 Lining: Aluminum - Silver - Copper - Armco - Nickel - Stainless steel Spring: Ø < 250° C - Steel - Stainless steel Ø ≥ 250° C - High Temperature Alloy Dimensions in mm. Upon request Tolerances ø A : H15007 to H 15027 = ± 0,2 - H15028 to H15064 = ± 0,25 - H15065 to H 15088 = ± 0,3 Permanent stock, HN100 aluminum lining, High Temperature Alloy spring up to 15052. TECHNICAL DATA FKM O-RING O-rings are made by synthetic elastomer molding in the shape of a circular section torus. They are assembled in a groove or with a center ring. Helium sealing...

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KF/ISO/PNEUROP STANDARD Typical assembly examples with HELICOFLEX® or HELICOFLEX® Delta Different types of seal HNV 200 with spacer without spacer TYPICALS ASSEMBLY EXAMPLES without spacer Collar coupling Threaded coupling Clamped flanges Bolted flanges Bolted flanges Mixed bolted & clamped flanges Mixed bolted & clamped flanges TECHNETICS GROUP EnPro Industries companies 90, rue de la Roche du Geai CS 52913 42029 Saint Etienne cedex 1 FRANCE france@technetics.com technetics.com with spacer without spacer with spacer without spacer

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HELICOFLEX® SEALS FOR CF FLANGE UPGRADE HELICOFLEX® seals can upgrade the performance of your CF flange - even with damaged knife edges. Nominal Diameter ND GROOVE DESIGN INFORMATIONCross Section Compression C.S.    e. Helium Seal Dimensions Sealing Outside Diameter mm Knife Edge Diameter D mm Note: Other dimensions available on request. 90, rue de la Roche du Geai CS 52913 42029 Saint Etienne cedex 1 FRANCE iGchncztics france@technetics.com technetics.com GROUP EnPro Industries companies

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QDS CLASS 150 Material: • Aluminum • Non-magnetic side-plates • Non-magnetic stainless steel screws Technical Data: • Clamping load: 150 N/mm (860 lb/in) • Temperature: 200°C (392°F) max. 90, rue de la Roche du Geai    france@technetics.com 42029 Saint Etienne cedex 1 FRANCE

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Example reference for flange part number: 150 KF 40 ND 25 S: 2. Name of the conical flange: KF 3. Outside diameter of the flange: 40 5. Length of the flange: Short (25mm) or Long (50mm) 6. Blind flanges are described by the flange reference preceded by a T. Example: T 150 KF 40. Compatible with class 150 and class 300 QDS clamps for ISO sizes up to ND 50. Consult our enginering staff for larger sizes. Standard material Z2CN18.10 (304 L) SEAL DIMENSIONS - ALUMINUM JACKET Other jacket materials available upon request. FLANGE DIMENSIONS THE TECHNICAL DATA CONTAINED HEREIN IS BY WAY OF EXAMPLE AND...

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305 Fentress Boulevard Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA Phone: +1-386-253-0628 Fax: +1-386-257-0122 1700 E. International Speedway Blvd DeLand, FL 32724 USA Phone: +1-386-736-7373 Fax: +1-386-738-4533 1600 Industry Road Hatfield, PA 19440 USA Phone: +1-800-618-4701 Fax: +1-215-855-3570 10633 W Little York, Bldg 3, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77041 USA Phone: +1-713-983-4201 Fax: +1-713-466-3721 10 Old Webster Road Oxford, MA 01540 USA Phone: +1-508-987-5900 990 Richard Avenue, Suite 117 Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA Phone: +1-669-242-8804 Fax: +1-669-242-8492 TECHNETICS GROUP EnPro Industries companies france@technetics.com technetics.com

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