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Accumulators & Reservoirs

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Accumulators & Reservoirs Technetics Group has over 50 years of design experience, thousands of time-tested applications and is a trusted supplier to the world's largest manufacturers and end users in critical markets. Technetics Group can provide an engineered solution for your application, drawing on our extensive design database and accumulator manufacturing experience. ACCUMULATOR OFFERINGS • Bellows Accumulators COMMON APPLICATIONS • Fluid Storage • Energy Storage • Pulsation Dampers • Volume Compensators • Thermal Compensators • Water-hammer Damping ADVANTAGES OF BELLOWS ACCUMULATORS • Maintenance free design that incorporates edge-welded metal bellows • High reliability and low maintenance costs • Ideal for applications where disassembly/repair is time consuming and expensive (subsea, aircraft, rockets, wind turbines) • Little friction between bellows and housing resulting in quick response time • Can be made of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand extreme environments PRESSURE • Vacuum to 10,000 psi and higher operating pressure (20,000 psi burst) • Aluminum 6061 TESTING CAPABILITIES Fatigue/Cycle Life, HPMFA testing per ARP 4378 • Pressures up to 6200 psi • Impulse per ARP 1383, pressures up to 6200 psi Environmental •    -85 °F to 350 °F ambient temperature •    5% to 85% humidity ( for temperatures above 32 °F) • Thermal Shock (rapid cooling) -Cool at a rate of 100 °F/min ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE • Sensors -LVDT -RVDT -Pressure Sensor -RTD and other temperature sensors • Fluid and Gas Ports and Fittings •    Bleed Valves •    Burst Discs • Mounting Features and Clamps TECHNETICS GROUP EnPro Industries companies 305 Fentress Blvd Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA

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