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Catalogue excerpts

MODEL 3255A ACCELEROMETER specifications * PC Board Mountable Accelerometer * Amplified Output * Temperature Compensated * High Over-Range Protection The Model 3255A is a signal conditioned board mountable MEMS accelerometer available in ±25g to ±500g ranges. The package can be mounted in one of two orientations, allowing the measurement axis to be either parallel or perpendicular to the mounting surface without the use of costly brackets. The accelerometer incorporates integral temperature compensation and offers a flat frequency response from DC to 1500Hz. * Three Axis Mounting Options * Surface Mount Package * DC Response, Gas Damping * Hermetically Sealed * 5Vdc Excitation -CENTER OF SEISMIC MASS -MOUNTING SURFACE PERPENDICULAR TO MEASUREMENT AXIS applications * Impact & Shock Testing * Vibration & Shock Monitoring * Embedded Applications * Transportation Measurements MOUNTING SURFACE PARALLEL TO MEASUREMENT AXIS sensor solutions 111 Model 3255A Rev D 07/2017 Page 1

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All values are typical at +24°C, 80Hz and 5Vdc excitation unless otherwise stated. Measurement Specialties reserves the right to update and change these specifications without notice. ELECTRICAL Zero Acceleration Output (V) Excitation Voltage (Vdc)1 Excitation Current (mA) Bias Voltage (Vdc) Full Scale Output Voltage (Vdc) Output Impedance (0) Insulation Resistance (M0) Residual Noise (pV rMs) Ground Isolation isolated from Mounting Surface ENVIRONMENTAL Thermal Zero Shift (%FSO/°C) Thermal Sensitivity Shift (%/0c) Operating Temperature (°C) Compensated Temperature (°C) Storage Temperature (°C) PHYSICAL...

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ORDERING INFO PART NUMBERING Model Number+Range 3255A-GGG l l_______Range (050 is 50 g) Example: 3255A-050 Model 3255A, 50g NORTH AMERICA Measurement Specialties, Inc., a TE Connectivity Company Tel: 800-522-6752 Email: customercare.hmpt@te.com MEAS France SAS a TE Connectivity Company Tel: 800-440-5100 Email : customercare.lcsb@te.com Measurement Specialties (China), Ltd., a TE Connectivity Company Sales and Customer Service Tel: 0400-820-6015 Email: customercare.shzn@te.com TE.com/sensorsolutions Measurement Specialties, Inc., a TE Connectivity company. Measurement Specialties, TE Connectivity,...

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