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Catalogue excerpts

MODEL 3038 ACCELEROMETER Excellent durability with hermetic seal Easy installation with SMD design Over-range protection for up to 10,000 g shock loads Long-term measurement stability Designed for application durability in extreme temperature, vibration and shock environments, TE Connectivity's (TE) Model 3038 accelerometer delivers the performance you need. The Model 3038 helps improve sensing confidence and allows for simple installation with a hermetically sealed SMD design. It incorporates a gasdamped piezoresistive MEMS sensing element providing outstanding long-term stability. With a millivolt output signal and mechanical overload stops that provide shock protection to loads greater than 10,000g, this sensor offers excellent value for performance.  ±50g to ±6,000g Dynamic Ranges  Board Mountable Accelerometer  Low Power Consumption  Hermetic LCC Package  DC Response, Gas Damping  5,000Hz Bandwidth  Vibration & Shock Monitoring  Automotive Safety Testing TE CONNECTIVITY SENSORS /// MODEL 3038 ACCELEROMETER

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PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS All values are typical at +24°C, 80Hz and 5Vdc excitation unless otherwise stated TE reserves the right to update and change these specifications without notice. TE CONNECTIVITY SENSORS /// MODEL 3038 ACCELEROMETER

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ORDERING INFORMATION 3038-GGGG-ZZ l |Options (No options, leave blank)    OptionslRange (0100 is 100g)    -01 10Vdc CalibrationPart Number    Range 3038-0050    50g NORTH AMERICA Measurement Specialties, Inc., a TE Connectivity Company Tel: 800-522-6752 Email: customercare.hmpt@te.com EUROPE MEAS France SAS a TE Connectivity Company Tel: 800-440-5100 Email : customercare.lcsb@te.com ASIA Measurement Specialties (China), Ltd., a TE Connectivity Company Sales and Customer Service Tel: 0400-820-6015 Email: customercare.shzn(S>te.com TE.com/sensorsolutions Measurement Specialties, Inc., a TE Connectivity...

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